Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Homeless man with amazing radio voice

A few people sent me this video yesterday. This homeless man has an amazing radio voice. He shares his sad story about how drugs and alcohol ruined his chance for a career. I would hire this guy in a second... but, sadly, I can pretty much guarantee that he's making way more money on the streets of Columbus than I could ever give him to work Saturday nights here in Poughkeepsie. On a serious note, I did forward this to a radio programmer I know in Columbus... hopefully they can do something to help this guy out.

Stephanie Seymour AND HER SON!

These are photos of Stephanie Seymour and her teenage son. That's right... her son. As Principal Rooney would say, "Soooo, that's how it is in their family"

Oh yeah, and he totally has a boner in the second photo.

Uh, what were you thinking/

Uh, Nickelodeon, what were you thinking when you named this product?

Uh, parents, what were you thinking when you bought this for your kid?

Probably not what I'm thinking...