Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hurley from lost performs with Weezer!

For a second, I thought this was one of Lost's parallel universe scenes from season 6. At a secret show this week, Weezer invited Hurley from Lost to perform "Perfect Situation" with them. Seems like that's the least they could do after naming their new album after him.

The Situation Shirt

This is the latest venture from "The Situation". It's called, surprisingly enough, "The Situation Shirt". At first, I thought it was a novelty T-Shirt with a picture of Sitch's abs on it... but upon further investigation, it's actually a T-Shirt with a clear plastic window sewn in the middle to show off your own REAL abs! No word if it comes with optional windshield wipers for those sweaty nights of fist-pumping at the club.

Musical beer!

Introducing Tuned Pale Ale from Philadelphia. The label has marks to let you know how much you need to drink in order to make sweet music by blowing over the neck.
Warning to jug band members: Emmet Otter was found passed out next to an empty case of these last week.

New Harry Potter trailer released

Here's the latest trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It's got alot more action than the one that was released in June: