Friday, October 29, 2010

Fatty-Fat Friday: WRRV Boo Ball edition

Just a reminder that not everyone should wear the Princess Leia slave costume:

Today's the last day to get your group discount tickets for the WRRV Boo Ball online by clicking here or here or here. Tickets will still be available at the door for 10 bucks. Saturday night, Mid-Hudson Civic Center, doors open at 8... see you then!

Ahhhh, that's better!

Zipper boat

A Japanese artist created a boat that looks like a zipper. When it cruises on the water the wake make it look like it's a functioning zipper.

Actual tramp stamp

Get it?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time traveler caught on film?

This is the video we were talking about this morning. People claim this footage from the 1920's shows a person talking on what appears to be a cellphone. Of course, that can only mean one thing: the person is a time traveler!

WRRV Boo Ball costume idea #57

Here's a great group costume:

Got a group of friends with an awesome costume idea? It could earn you $1,000!!! Don't miss the WRRV Thousand Dollar Boo Ball this Saturday night at the Mid Hudson Civic Center. Doors open at 8, the party starts at 9. GROUP DISCOUNTS ARE STILL AVAILABLE THROUGH FRIDAY: click here to get them online right now.

David Arquette has moved on

So long, Courtney Cox! Hello, little person stripper!

The nerdiest nerd ever

Red shirt guy gets to ask the World Of Warcraft designers a burning question he's been dying to find an answer to:

Medely of old cartoon theme songs

How many do you remember?

The United States of Movies

A map of the United States with the movie that represents each state.
Via this guy.

Click to enlarge

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1,200 pound pumpkin vs car

This is what happens when NASCAR isn't on TV:

5 minutes of people doing awesome things

This page usually focuses on the idiots of the world and the stupid things they do. Here's a video that celebrates some of the more amazing examples of our species:

The Double Rainbow guy of car racing

You'd think this guy just saw a double rainbow all the way... Nope, just a five-car pile-up on the racetrack. And you say race fans don't watch just for the crashes!

**NSFW - The over enthusiastic hillbilly uses colorful language***

Another example of why we're fat

Everyone always wonders why people throughout history were never as fat as we are today. This could be one reason: That small beverage that you never buy used to be considered king-sized. Those kids from the past would have choked and died on a Big Gulp.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

WRRV Boo Ball costume idea #476

This is one of the coolest homemade costumes I've seen:

Think you've got a great costume? It could earn you $1,000!!! Don't miss the WRRV Thousand Dollar Boo Ball this Saturday night at the Mid Hudson Civic Center. Doors open at 8, the party starts at 9. Tickets will be available at the door, or you can get discount tickets online right now.

Hiccup girl charged with murder!

Remember the girl from a few years back who went on all of the talk shows and told her story about how she couldn't stop hiccuping? Well, she was arrested this week and charged with murder!

The good news? She no longer has the hiccups. Here's her mug shot:

And here's video of Hiccup Girl before she was busy killing people:

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mr. President, sign my iPad!

This guy asked the president to sign his iPad:

And Obama was happy to comply:

Evil Clown prank is mean

This guy was pissed off at his (soon to be ex) girlfriend, so he decided to scare the crap out of her... If this were me, I'd STILL be running away.

Slip up during live debate

The Lt. Governor of New Mexico has a slip of the tongue and accuses her opponent of spending the state's money on big fat boners... nice.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

WRRV Boo Ball costume idea #22

The Lady Gaga meat dress sounds like a terrible idea:

On second thoguht, maybe catching a food-borne illness will earn you some cash. Best costume is getting $1,000! The party's Saturday, October 30th at the Mid Hudson Civic Center - Don't have your tickets for the WRRV Boo Ball yet? Get 'em NOW!

The 24 hour live Coco Cam is on

A live cam has been set up at The Conan O'Brien Show's new offices at TBS. So far you've missed a dancing taco, Labamba trying to solve a puzzle, Jazzercise and interns wrapping each other in toilet paper and cowboys with lassos. Oh yeah, Conan's been making some appearances too. Click the photo for the live feed and highlights of what's already aired (live feed ends later today).

Angry Birds "Halloween" Edition now for sale

99 cents paid... now don't disturb me for the rest of the week.

Beer Trouble Shooting Guide

Click image and print out for quick resolutions to all of your beer-related issues.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brandi's new glasses

With these new glasses Brandi hopes to no longer see "BLAHBALEYDAH" when she reads the news...

WRRV Boo Ball costume idea #26

Hey, "Most Creative" is just one of the categories that could earn you cash. Best costume is getting $1,000! The party's Saturday, October 30th at the Mid Hudson Civic Center - Don't have your tickets for the WRRV Boo Ball yet? Get 'em NOW!

The Rent Is Too Damn High (highlights)

Here are Jimmy McMillan's greatest hits from Monday night's debate:

If you've never heard of Jimmy McMilan, you MUST visit his website and learn more about our next Governor.

Twinkie prank


Glee cast in GQ

This show would be much better if they just shut up and wore lingere...

More photos at GQ

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Balloon travels from Newburgh to space!

This father and son team strapped an HD camera and iPhone to a balloon and launched it from Newburgh to see if they could capture video from outer space... they did!

Monday, October 18, 2010

WRRV Boo Ball costume idea #57

The "Girls Gone Wild" costume! Hey, "Sexiest Costume" is just one of the categories that could earn you cash. Best costume is getting $1,000! The party's Saturday, October 30th at the Mid Hudson Civic Center - Don't have your tickets for the WRRV Boo Ball yet? Get 'em NOW!

Philly fan throws up on field

This guy goes for a foul ball and pukes. Keep it classy, Philly!

Shia LaBeouf throws coffee at photographer

Brandi's creepy little boy crush, Shia, was sick of people taking pictures of him while drinking coffee so he chased down the obese photographer closest to him and let him have it... and then kept running.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fatty-Fat Friday!

It's Snooki!

Mount Everest sucks

Well, at least according to the internet it does. Check out these terrible (and hilarious) reviews of Mt. Everest that people have submitted to Google. Link

Funky church lady

And the church continues to receive tax-exempt status...

Japanese children battle a zombie

These kids are convinced that a real zombie is coming to kill them. Sure, they'll have emotional scars for the rest of their lives... but it does make for some funny TV!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Antoine Dodson on the BET Awards

I missed this year's BET Awards. Too bad, because it was the first ever live performance by Antoine Dodson! (Yeah, he's an Internet meme out of control, but there's something very likeable about this guy)

Shot by shot remake of Back To The Future trailer

Hit play on these clips at the same time and sync them up. It's really well done. And yeah, this is another BTTF post... It's the 25th anniversary of the greatest movie of all time. If you don't like it go make your own website.

Here's the original:

And this is a shot-by-shot remake for Spike TV:

Guy interrupts live show to use bathroom

A guy in the audience of this talk show really has to go... This is the weirdest thing I've seen from Holland, besides the Frikadel Speciaal.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Accident on the set of Transformers 3

Yesterday a D.C. police vehicle somehow made it's way onto a street that was closed for the filming of Transformers 3. Responding to a call, the cop ran through the barriers and got hit by Bumblebee. Here's the video:

Original Back To The Future footage to be released

Geeky fans of Back To The Future know that Eric Stoltz was the actor originally cast as Marty McFly. After realizing what a huge mistake that was, producers eventually talked Michael J. Fox into taking the role. The 25th anniversary Blu Ray of Back To The Future (25 years? FML!) will finally contain some of the 5 weeks of footage shot with Eric Stoltz. It's safe to say that the movie would have really sucked with Stoltz in the role.

The old wooden spoon prank returns

You may have seen this before... but the foreign-speaking target of this prank makes it worth revisiting:

Napoleon Dynamite cartoon is coming!

Fox just ordered 6 episodes of an animated version of Napoleon Dynamite. The best news: It'll feature all of the original voices, including Jon Heder as Napoleon.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Boris and Brandi in the HV Business Journal

Here's a link to the story in this week's Hudson Valley Business Journal (We're on page 13).

The Banksy opening of The Simpsons

If you're wondering why Twitter was trending "Banksy" over the past couple of days, it's because British grafitti artist, Banksy, was behind the opening credits to this week's Simpsons episode. It was a very dark and sinister take on the evil empire that is 20th Century Fox and their practice of outsourcing animation to South Korea. Here it is if you missed it:

Background story on Community

Community's not a bad show... Not as good as Parks and Recreation (which NBC bumped to mid-season for that terrible Outsourced show), but the writing is pretty good and the very funny Joel McHale is actually one of the least-funniest actors on the show. Anyway, I have to start watching more closely because I totally missed an entire storyline on last Thursday's show. Check out the background. Now Shirley's conversation with Abed at the end of the episode makes much more sense:

There's a Bieber on your back

Justin Bieber's bodyguard better be getting paid some big bucks...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jail cell high dive

I'm not sure, but this looks as if he was trying to escape jail by diving through the toilet:

Algebra teacher freaks on class

How do I reeeeech these kids? How about not throwing desks at them.

Insane Clown Posse come out as Christians

F'n magnets... how do they work? Jesus makes them work, that's how.

Well, this explains why their music kind of sucks. Insane Clown Posse have now admited that they've secretly been a Christian rock band all along. That noise you hear is the screaming of thousands of confused Juggalos. Full article

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Photo of the week

So this is what it looks like to have Tiger's ball in your face! This photo was taken on Saturday at the Ryder cup... and yes, the ball did hit the photographer who snapped this photo (he's fine).

What makes this photo even better is the guy on the right with the cigar, moustache and turban! I think he yelled "You can do it!!!" right before the shot.

Show me.... penis!

Here's a shocking video taken from The Family Feud. I know I'm completely shocked... When did Steve Harvey start hosting?

Man drives horse to Drive-Thru

Yeah, it's wacky that a man is riding his horse through a McDonald's drive-thru. But isn't it even more strange that a couple of drunk Brits are apparently hanging out in a McDonald's parking lot? I wish I could give these guys their own TV show.

NSFW - some saucy British language

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bees on the Pooooorch

Ever since the stories about The Leprechaun and The Linkin Park Rapist have become viral hits, local news has been trying a little too hard to find the next big thing... Although I think this one may have some staying power:

Two-legged pig (Insert your own Kirstie Alley joke here)

Wow, Jersey Shore really IS fake (proof)!

Last year I posted a Funny Or Die clip featuring the cast of the Jersey Shore pretending to "fake" the show. Somehow, the post appeared as one of the very first results for anyone who Googled "Is Jersey Shore Fake". Since then, the comments section started getting some violent responses from fans of the show who didn't have the brain power to understand sarcasm and were pissed because their tanning-spray-polluted brains thought I was really saying the show was fake.(I eventually had to post a disclaimer at the bottom of the page because it was getting out of hand).

Anyway... I take it back. Here's proof that this week's fight was actually staged! (Jenni forgot to take her socks off for take 2).


What your taxes paid for

Ever wonder where all those taxes go? Well, here's a breakdown for someone who earned $34,000 (You can adjust the numbers to your salary to see how much you spent on each item). Don't forget, the Walkway Over The Hudson is considered a National Park... go get your money's worth!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fatty-Fat Friday!

Hey, come on... she's not that bad at all!

Bill Evans has a brief mental breakdown

Idiot of the day

The greatest metal band of all time

Sorry Goat Whore... This band from Sweeden is so metal that they can't contain the metal in their bodies and wind up puking it up all over the stage. Either that or they just ate some bad smoked salmon.