Friday, January 7, 2011

Fatty-Fat Friday!

Happy snow day! This video was posted last month and had 0 views when I found it this morning. I thought it was worth posting at least just for his laugh:

Update: Homeless radio guy is now famous

Earlier in the week we told you about Ted Williams, the guy with the golden radio voice that was living on the streets in Columbus, OH. His story has gone viral and he's EVERYWHERE. We told you how he was offered a job and a home by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Yesterday he was invited to kick off the Today Show:

And CBS News followed him home as he was reunited with his mother:

Hi, Mommy!!!!

And, of course, a decade of Ted Williams' mug shots are now available online:

Stay tuned for all late breaking Ted Williams news (at least until we move on to the next internet sensation). Somewhere in the projects, a tear runs down the cheek of Antoine Dodson.

Dirty weather girl

I think the Weather Channel is trying something new to boost ratings. I really like this Stephanie Abrams... She can talk about my low pressure system any day.

Some may see a fused toe as a setback...

...this girl saw it as an opper-toe-nity for an awesome tattoo!

Katy Perry and the mom from Modern Family

Hey, Michael Chiklis! Get outtathaway! Katy Perry and Julie Bowen are totally gonna make out.