Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time traveler caught on film?

This is the video we were talking about this morning. People claim this footage from the 1920's shows a person talking on what appears to be a cellphone. Of course, that can only mean one thing: the person is a time traveler!

WRRV Boo Ball costume idea #57

Here's a great group costume:

Got a group of friends with an awesome costume idea? It could earn you $1,000!!! Don't miss the WRRV Thousand Dollar Boo Ball this Saturday night at the Mid Hudson Civic Center. Doors open at 8, the party starts at 9. GROUP DISCOUNTS ARE STILL AVAILABLE THROUGH FRIDAY: click here to get them online right now.

David Arquette has moved on

So long, Courtney Cox! Hello, little person stripper!

The nerdiest nerd ever

Red shirt guy gets to ask the World Of Warcraft designers a burning question he's been dying to find an answer to:

Medely of old cartoon theme songs

How many do you remember?

The United States of Movies

A map of the United States with the movie that represents each state.
Via this guy.

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