Tuesday, May 4, 2010

White Castle candle

Usually you light a match AFTER eating one of these sliders! If you love the smell of fresh White Castle hamburgers and don't have the time to drive down to New Jersey you're now in luck! In honor of National Cheeseburger Month, White Castle has released a $10 burger-scented candle. Just fire up this bad-boy and your clothes will reek like steamed beef and onions in no time. On a positive note, all proceeds from the sale of the candles go to Autism research.

Fake swimming pool illusion

The Japanese are leading the world in simulated swimming pools. Check out this art installation that allows people to walk inside of a swimming pool. The water is actually only a few inches deep and sandwiched beteween two pieces of glass to make it appear that the people are actually walking around under water.

Would you pay $12 for a cup of coffee?

What if it was some rare Ethiopian coffee that was naturally harvested and brewed by some hipster barrista in Brooklyn that sniffed every mug to make sure it had no impurities? No?