Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Drunken Deja Vu!

The video below was taken on Friday at the Coachella Music Festival. It's a drunk guy trying to put on his sandal.

Now here's a video we posted on this site back in August of another drunk dude with the same problem. I think the police could save lots of money if they return those expensive breathalyzer machines and just carry around a pair of Birkenstocks in their trunk.

Security camera catches runaway sawblade

This construction worker thought no one "saw" what happened... hahaha.

Russian fairy tale

In Soviet Russia you don't take crap... crap takes you (to the prom)!

Parking FAIL

This woman wins one for everyone who's ever lost a parking spot that was rightfully theirs.

Disclosure: This may or may not be a viral ad for Peugeot.

Lost: Jack Overboard!

Whoa... Jumping right in.

1 - Desmond. Not dead. No way. Claire proved by getting on that boat that people with the "sickness" can be rational and "redeem" themselves. Sayid didn't kill Desmond... the two of them are probably hatching a plan.

2 - Christian was the smoke monster all along. Not a shocker there, but good to hear from Locke's mouth. By the way, I wish they would stop calling him Locke. Strange that we still don't know the smoke monster / man in black's real name. I'm still thinking that his name will wind up being someone that we already know.

3 - Sun and Jin finally reunite. Wish they left that perimeter fence on for a few more seconds. Wow, I guess I really don't like them.

4 - The parallel universe is starting to come together. Is Desmond a master manipulator or what? Or maybe it was just luck that Claire's adoption agency was right next to Ilana's law firm and her appointment was at the exact same time as Christian's will reading?

5 - Jack is dead. WHAT? Well, it's a theory. What if Jack died in the explosion, Locke brought him right back to life and now he's "with him"? The title of the episode was "The Last Recruit". Jack could be the smoke monster's last remaining team member. They made a big deal about Jack getting hit by the missile, complete with ringing ear sound effect. Claire was "saved" by Locke after her house exploded in Dharmaville... it was very similar to what happened to Jack.

So, Jack and Locke are now together, under attack. Desmond and Sayid are most likely getting Cindy, the kids and the other non-essential followers out of there and heading for Hydra island. The rest of the candidates are being held by Widmore... so it begins. The war is on. And next week it's a repeat... Damn.

PS - WRRV listener, Jeremy, informed me about the "Lost Untangled" series of videos produced by ABC. They're posted online after each episode. Not much insight into what's going to happen next, but a good recap for those of you who are completely "lost". Here's this week's: