Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's official: drinking makes you live longer!

A study was released yesterday that proves (once again) drinking is good for you. The shocking part of the study is that people who don't drink at all have the shortest life span... even heavy drinkers live longer than those who abstain! The group with the higest longevity was the moderate drinkers (1-3 a day). Don't believe me? Check out the whole study published by Time magazine.

Bras tested on a roller coaster

Britain's Ultimo Bras decided to prove their durability and lift support by sending a bunch of test subjects on a bouncy roller coaster. I love science!

Bell tower plays Lady Gaga

"Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga is probably the second most dangerous thing that could come after you from atop a bell tower. This video comes from the campus of Iowa State University: