Thursday, June 10, 2010

Salma Hayek is REALLY afraid of snakes

This is the best video you will see all week. Salma Hayek spots a snake on the ground during a press junket for Grown Ups and quickly finds the nearest exit... unfortunately, it's on the shoulders of Maya Rudolph.

If you've seen From Dusk Till Dawn, you may be surprised by her reaction. I thought she LOVED snakes:

**Slightly NSFW**

The despicable Gary Coleman deathbed photo

Gary Coleman's scum-of-the-earth wife (or ex-wife) recieved $10,000 for this photo. What she wasn't counting on was the headline the Globe decided to plaster over it. We deduct one point from the Globe for publishing the photo, but give them a point for sticking it to that gold-digging b****. So I guess it's a wash.

Weightlifter pukes on judge

This is kind of gross. Weightlifter dude shouldn't have eaten oatmeal right before trying to set the record. It should be noted, however, that he did recover after this and give it a third attempt. No word if he crapped his pants.

Don't mess with a Mexican wrestler

There are certain situations where you should just sit in your seat. On top of the list is when you have an urge to unmask a Mexican wrestler: