Monday, January 17, 2011

Boris kicks ass at Wrestlefest 15

If you missed it on Saturday night, here's video of Boris stepping in and giving manager Kurt Adonis the Cobra Clutch! Kurt deserved it after disrespecting the crowd. Before the match, Kurt said that he remembered how ugly everyone in Poughkeepsie was. He also told a lady in the crowd "Don't be mad at my abs be mad at your face". Then he went so far as to say that the Hudson Valley's beloved "Radio Legend" was going to get his ass kicked just like "Jets would get beaten by the Patriots". Well, as you know, none of that ever happened... just take a look:

Ricky Gervais pisses off Hollywood

Ricky Gervais is my hero. He completely pissed off everyone in Hollywood, but did what no one else in history could ever do... make watching an awards show actually entertaining! Here's his opening monologue from last night:

Pee Wee Herman Digital Short on SNL

Everyone was talking about this on Sunady morning... Probably the greatest SNL moment of the season! (I know that's not saying much, but it's still very funny)

In case you missed it...

The Miss America Pageant was Saturday night and Miss Arkansas stole the show with her ventriloquism act. This is NOT a joke, this was her real "talent" performance. She should have totally won!