Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Leno's ratings now lower than Conan's were!

NBC said that they bumped out Conan for Leno because Conan's ratings were too low. We all know this is BS because Conan's crappy lead-in was Jay Leno doing pretty much the same exact show. Plus, the local news sandwiched between them even lost half of it's viewers because of Leno's crappy show.

Well, now the ratings show that Leno has even lower ratings than Conan did on the Tonight Show during the same exact time frame. This is even more disturbing, because Leno is now following shows that people are actually watching! So people are actually going out of their way to turn off the Tonight Show now. Great job, NBC.

Harry Potter official trailer released!

for those of you who've been waiting patiently... here's the premiere of the trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It's in HD, so feel free to hit "Full Screen"!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

German soccer coach snacks during game

The coach for Germany's World Cup soccer team needs a sandwich or something... he's very hungry.

Lenny Kravits crashes choir singing Fly Away

Lenny Kravitz was in New Orleans and heard a choir singing his song on the street.... so he decided to join them.

Price Tag Fails

Monday, June 28, 2010

Photo of baby doing bong hit gets mom in trouble

A mother is being investigated after she posted a photo on Facebook of her 11-month-old son smoking from a bong. The 19-year-old mother (Yep, 19) from Keystone Heights, Florida defended her actions claiming there were no drugs or tobacco in the bowl and her child was not breathing in smoke.



Friday, June 25, 2010

Fatty-Fat Friday!

This is the latest video by Dr. Scott. I can only assume that he's the Justin Bieber of the fatty-fat community. For those of you not in the know, a BBW is code for a "Big, Beautiful Woman". Enjoy - but not while you're eating.

**NSFW - Actually, this isn't safe for any situation**

Alex Trebek auto-tunes himself

A little late, but still awesome!

This headline says it all

I really don't see any reason to read the rest of the story...

The American "ethnic" section

You know how grocery stores now have "ethnic" sections with foods from different European countries? In Europe, they have the same thing... only the "ethnic" section contains food from the USA. My only gripe: Where's the baconnaise?

Jimmy Kimmel tapes his show with a webcam

We talked about this earlier in the week. Jimmy Kimmel had a power outage that affected the control room and cameras. Instead of cancelling the show, he decided to record it on his laptop. If you missed the show, here's a sample:

Engagement Fail

We stumbled across this Craig's List ad:

Engagement called off because the bride was caught in a gang bang? Priceless. If you're interested in a good deal, here's a link to the actual ad.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hide your dirty money in some dirty undies

Looking for a place to hide your money when you're on vacation? If your hotel room doesn't have a safe, bring along this pair of fake stained underwear. No maid in their right mind would go snooping through these things.

The "Brief Safe" is available from Sears of all places for only $12.99.

Mom caught playing Rockband... naked

I don't know what's more disturbing... the fact that Mom is playing Rockband in the nude or that she's doing it in front of her kids!

Kid freaks out at gymnastics class

This is great. This angry kid is taking a gymnastics class to help him become more flexible for mixed martial arts. Thing is, he doesn't really have the patience for any of this "gay" stuff.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big Wheel for big boys...

Remember the Big Wheel? It was a plastic tricycle with one really big wheel and really short pedals. Fat kids like me needed a push from mom to get it started. This, however, looks even more fun (but I would probably still need a push)!

Obama is too cool to do the wave

Obama attended a Nationals game on Friday and refused to take part in the wave. It was probably a smart move... can you imagine how bad it would have looked for Fox Next to cut from video of the oil spill to our president smiling and doing the wave? Well played, Mr. President.

Happy Summer!

It's officially Summer! Get outside and have some fun.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Super Mario Bros. violin concert

This guy performs the soundtrack to Super Mario Bros. live on his violin.

I want one!

Here's an old news story about a family in Japan that has a pet penguin. He's living the good life; walking into town to pick up his own fish, playing with the neighbors and then heading back home to his own air-conditioned room. Who else wants one?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fatty-Fat Friday!

I somehow missed ever hearing about the rap artist "Fatt Father". If you can find the CD, it may make the perfect Father's Day gift for your chubby pop.

Viral of the week: Bebe Dancerino

Someone's been watching too much Telemundo!

Battling preachers with pancake mix

This is a pretty good way to get people to stop telling you that you're going to hell:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Video of the Warwick "Underwear Boy"

The kid from Warwick that set the underwear world's record made it on Jimmy Kimmel:

Shamwow guy plugs Eminem's new CD

This video is great. Disgraced prostitute beater, Vince Shlomi (also known as the Shamwow guy), gives his best pitch for purchasing Eminem's new CD. You may want to act now, because I don't think they're going to keep giving away those Shampons for free!

How to clean oil off of a pelican

If you're thinking of heading to the Gulf to rescue some birds, you may want to watch this instructional video first. It's a little more effort than wash, rinse, repeat.

Katy Perry's underpants

Katy Perry is clearly over 18, so there's no problem showing you this photo that was snapped at her Times Square concert yesterday.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The WRRV Bowl-A-Thon with Ed Kowalczyk!

Don't miss the 2nd Annual WRRV Bowl-A-Thon at Mardi Bob Lanes on Taft Avenue in Poughkeepsie on Thursday, July 8th.

Doors open at 5pm. A $25 donation per team member gets you shoe rental, unlimited bowling, an official WRRV Bowl-A-Thon T-Shirt and a special private acoustic performance by Ed Kowalczyk of Live. Prizes and awards will be given out for fun bowling challenges and other categories like "best team uniforms".

Download the reservation form here and send it in or drop it off at our studios.A limited amount of lanes will be available the day of the Bowl-A-Thon, but pre-registration is the only way to guarantee your team's spot.

Al Gore was sleeping with Larry David's wife??

According to The Star, the reason Al Gore got divorced from Tipper was because he was carrying on an affair with Larry David's ex wife, Laurie. If it's not true, it would at least make a great episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Here's video of Laurie David GUSHING about how awesome Al Gore is... perhaps there is something to this story.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Perez Hilton is moron, posts illegal Miley photo

Yesterday morning, Perez Hilton’s Twitter account posted a link to a photo of seventeen-year-old Miley Cyrus getting out of a convertible while wearing a short dress – and she was not wearing underwear. Though Perez posted the link with a warning to the easily offended, that probably will not be enough to protect him from child pornography charges. Idiot.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The WRRV Cruise-A-Palooza photos!

John Goodman lost some weight!

John Goodman before and after recent weightloss!

What happens when you put airbags in a dryer

They just thought the airbags would blow the door off... the airbags did a little more damage than that.

The horn that's ruining the World Cup

The South Africans have found a way to make soccer even more unwatchanble: The Vuvuzela. This is the annoying sound you hear when pretending to enjoy the World Cup.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fatty-Fat Friday!

The WRRV Cruise-A-Palooza is this weekend! Every year we get one chuckle head that winds up making the party even more awesome than planned. Who will it be this year???

Wax On, F*** Off!

Ralph Macchio stars in this new hard-hitting documentary about the perils of being such a nice guy in Hollywood. If he wanted to become angry and jaded, he should have just paid to see the new Karate Kid movie this weekend.

***NSFW - Strong language!!!***

Lady Gaga is a Mets fan

Gaga took in a Mets game on Thursday afternoon. After getting into this fight with some fans, she retired to a private box. I believe the gentlemen were just pointing out that Lady Gaga forgot to wear pants to the game.

Soccer fail

You'd think someone would notice this and just spell out Nigeria and Germany. Where are the people who are protesting Hallmark when we really need them?

The best of "Cops"

Here's hoping that your weekend doesn't end like any of these people's:

Girl drops the "C" word on TV

**NSFW - bad language, obviously**

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Salma Hayek is REALLY afraid of snakes

This is the best video you will see all week. Salma Hayek spots a snake on the ground during a press junket for Grown Ups and quickly finds the nearest exit... unfortunately, it's on the shoulders of Maya Rudolph.

If you've seen From Dusk Till Dawn, you may be surprised by her reaction. I thought she LOVED snakes:

**Slightly NSFW**

The despicable Gary Coleman deathbed photo

Gary Coleman's scum-of-the-earth wife (or ex-wife) recieved $10,000 for this photo. What she wasn't counting on was the headline the Globe decided to plaster over it. We deduct one point from the Globe for publishing the photo, but give them a point for sticking it to that gold-digging b****. So I guess it's a wash.

Weightlifter pukes on judge

This is kind of gross. Weightlifter dude shouldn't have eaten oatmeal right before trying to set the record. It should be noted, however, that he did recover after this and give it a third attempt. No word if he crapped his pants.

Don't mess with a Mexican wrestler

There are certain situations where you should just sit in your seat. On top of the list is when you have an urge to unmask a Mexican wrestler:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kid downs a beer at Phillies game

One day this young Phillies fan will grow up to get tased by security or maybe even vomit on off-duty cop and his kid! Go Phillies!

The above video keeps getting pulled by MLB, so if it doesn't work, a version of the news story about the drinking baby is here:

Racist Hallmark card?

Hey, I'm all for racial sensitivity... but ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? How can you possibly think that this card is talking about "Black Hoes"???

Woman calls tech support for Google Pac-Man

Remember when Google put Pac-Man on their home page for a day? It totally blew this woman's mind. I have one of these conversations with my mother every week. The only difference is that this tech support guy is way more patient than I am.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Obama in the Whoomp There It Is video?

The newest internet conspiracy is a big one: In the 90's, Obama made a cameo appearance in the classic "Whoomp There It Is" video by Tag Team.

This is the 2nd most popular song from that era about a woman's large ass (Baby Got Back will always be #1). Now, it's pretty certain that this is not Obama... but who are we to let a few facts get in the way of a good story. Check out the video for yourself, the cameo appearance comes in at 1:02.

Worst travel experiences

Planning that summer getaway? Hope it doesn't wind up like any of these:

Awwwwwww... helpful turtle.

Unknown turtle fact: they never leave one of their own behind.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Awesome Adidas / Star Wars commercial

I really wish I knew more about Soccer players, because this would probably be pretty mindblowing if I cared who any of these people were... at least I got Snoop Dogg!

Ironic sign at the BP station.

Ok, you first.

How Brandi spent her weekend

This is what happens when Brandi is told that there are no more bottles of her fancy French wine in stock:

The prop newspaper that never changes

The folks over at Slashfilm put together a compilation of shots from TV and Film that all use the same prop newspaper. I wonder if the woman in the photograph ever made any money off of her thousands of appearances. I kind of wish they collected photos of that fake magazine that everyone reads too... did you ever notice that gum ad is in like every show?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fatty-Fat Friday: Bad Romance

Bet you can't watch the whole thing:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cat farts and hiccups at same time

I don't know how they knew to catch this on video... he must do it all the time:

Colbert and Stewart join Coco on stage

Conan O'Brien brought his comedy tour to Radio City Music Hall the other night... just steps away from his former Rockafeller Center home. To show their support, his future basic cable rivals, Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart, showd up for an impromptu dance battle:

Cross off fact #857

Another victim of the Gulf oil spill... Snapple will have to recall thousands of bottle caps:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The planet is angry!

Maybe it's the oil spill in the Gulf or Tipper Gore divorcing the protector of the planet that finally pissed off the earth... Either way, Guatemala got swallowed up whole yesterday. A landslide opened up this "bottomless pit" in Guatemala City. The photo is amazing.

Pac Man optical illusion

Spare time + blue paint X an abnormal love of Pac-Man =

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hayley Williams from Paramore posts topless pic

Hayley Williams, lead singer of Paramore, posted this photo on her Twitpic account over the weekend (without the blurry boobs).
Afterwards, she claimed that her account was hacked and someone else posted the photo. I can see how someone could hack her account... but how would they get a hold of the photo? Sounds like someone did some drunk-Tweeting and is now doing damage control. Don't drink and Tweet, kids!

On July 1st the world changes forever!

All I can say is - it's about time!!! Subway released this memo to all of its franchises last week. The days of lopsided sandwiches are over! I can't believe it took them this long to figure out that stacking those triangles in the same direction left one side of the sandwich with hardly any cheese...
*Update - It seems as if this memo is for franchises in New Zeland and Austrailia ONLY! Say it ain't so, Subway!!!! Looks like customers with OCD will have to continue to look away as those cheese triangles continue to horribly overlap during the construction of our sandwiches.

Inappropriate photo and headline combo

Congratulations, but you're doing it wrong.

OIl spill Deja Vu!

You'd think we'd learn some new tricks in 31 years!

In 1979, an oil well in the Gulf of Mexico erupted. They tried the top kill, the junk shot, booms, chemical dispersants, and mud. Oil gushed out for 9 months until relief wells were dug. What's the difference? The well was in 200 feet of water instead of 5000 feet.

World's luckiest bike rider

This guy just drives his bike through a horrible accident. The way he keeps going, it seems like he didn't even know it happened!