Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Advertisement FAIL

In a recent ad, Verizon claims to provide coverage in more than 220 countries. The only problem is, there are only somewhere between 192 and 195 countries in the world, depending on who you ask. Whoopsie.

Sarah Jessica Parker's beauty secret:

Distract people from your ugly horse face by making your arms even more distusting-looking.

Need a good cry?

This is the best cry I've seen all year:

Britney Spears Photoshopping revealed

This is a before and after Photoshop comparison of Britney Spears' new Candies ad. Try not to be hypnotized by her stomach.

Lost: The whispers are dead people.

Hey, you got some Ilana on ya. No need to recap what happened last night in detail... let's jump right in on some of the details.

1 - The "Whispers" are dead people trapped on the island because of things they've done. Michael is stuck because he killed Libby and the pilot from Avatar. So, is there some huge clue we can find by going back and listening to the whispers over and over again? I doubt it. I think we're just supposed to understand that these people are somehow "trapped" and that's why we hear them from time to time. I assume the cause and reason for the presence of trapped "souls" will be explained deeper in upcoming episodes (I hope). But, if you've got a few dozen hours to spare you can start working on your thesis here.

2 - Love is the answer. God, I hope not - I may barf before the finale ends. In the parallel world, Libby is "crazy" because she is aware of the island timeline. This is the same reason why Charlie is kind of nuts. Once Libby kisses Hurley (gross) he, too, realizes that they are kindred spirits and he's now able to see their on-island life together. It seems that if there was an on-island love, it can trigger memories when those people meet in the parallel world (ie: Faraday/Charlotte). Does this mean that Sawyer and Kate will eventually ignite some memories between them? Will Jack bump into Juliette somewhere? I read somewhere that Ben will eventually get a very out-of-character love interest... hmm. Well, even if not, a near death experience will do.

3 - Desmond's not a pedophile... he's just trying to get everyone back to the real timeline. Looks like ole' Des has given himself the job of gathering everyone from the flight and making them remember the island world. When he's not playing matchmaker... he's serving up near-death experiences (That Locke hit was worth 100 points at least). Wonder what John Locke saw during his near-death experience. Did he see himself as the smoke monster?

4 - So, Hurley is going to wind up being the hero of the story? Who would have seen that one coming? Hurley has been the throwaway character throughout most of the series. Way back, when Michael was working for the Others and was given a list of people to bring to Ben, Hurley was the one sent back to camp because he wasn't special.

5 - What is Hurley's plan? He's got a bag... is it the bag of Jacob's ashes Ilana was holding on to? Will Hurley try to trap the Smoke Monster somehow? Smothering him with his enormous man boobs may be an option too.

6 - What's up with Desmond. He knows why he's there... yet he seems very calm and trusting. Does he know how everything is going to play out or is he still in shock from the big realization of last week? Regardless, you should never go hiking with Locke-Monster in the dark and lean over a deep well. -- An aside: The writers missed a great opportunity here. When Locke-Monster returns to camp Sayid asks "How is Desmond". Locke should have said "He's well" Hahahahahaha...

7 - So, the remaining candidates have now arrived at the smoke monster's camp. As they show up, Hurley is clearly in charge. Jack looks confused, Lapedis is cranky as usual and Sun.... Let's just say I'm so happy that she no longer speaks English because I don't think I could handle hearing her cry and yell for Jin AGAIN. Suck it up, lady. He's on Hydra island with Widmore. You'll see him in the finale.

Again, we end an episode with everyone neatly in place and ready for the next episode. If you saw the preview for next week, you're probably just as confused as I am as to what's going to happen. What Willy Wonka has to do with Lost is beyond me. Maybe those Apollo candy bars are the key...

Your thoughts?