Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Boris and Brandi on the news

We just got a copy of this to post. It's coverage of our free breakfast for Poughkeepsie in honor of WRRV's 15th anniversary.

See how many times you can spot Wild Man John in the background!

Real Ghostbusters at the NY Public Library

The folks from Improv Everywhere create what happens in my brain every time I walk past the NY Public Library:

Lost: Now you're like me

After a weird sidetrack of rainbows, unicorns and light caves last week - I'm happy to say that we're right back on track. Last night proved why Lost is one of the best shows to ever be on television.

- What's up with Jack's neck? Only 2.5 hours left of a show that's been raising questions for 6 years and we still have pieces of the puzzle that no one can even come close to pretending to solve. I'm sure the cut that showed up on the plane, and now the one he woke up with relates to the island in some way... but how?

- The bodies continue to stack up. Zoe, glad to see you go... Widmore, Nooooooo! It wasn't a very smart idea to meet up with Ben so close to the part of the island where Alex was buried. If anyone thinks for a second that Ben is now a bad guy, you haven't been watching all of these years. Did Ben enjoy killing Charles? Abso-freakin-loutely! But I believe Ben knew that Widmore would protect Penny. Ben was able to tune out his feelings and focus his unconditional love for the island. Charles is a better(?) man than Ben. He loves his daughter more than the island. Ben had no choice but to kill him before he revealed his plan to Smoke Monster (a little late though!). I really think that Ben is now just pretending to be on Locke's team while he tries to find out what Charles whispered to him. Obviously, Locke isn't going to tell him the whole truth so he's going to need someone who can read the thoughts of dead people... hmmmm... maybe someone who Ben can contact with a walkie-talkie and ask to go back and check out Charles' dead body.... Now where is he going to find this person... Unfortunately, someone like that must be MILES away...

- Richard, dead? Nahhh. I don't think he can be killed by Smokey. If he could, he would have gotten him way back in the beginning of the season. Also, it would be horrible if a character as big as Richard was snuffed out so quickly and unceremoniously.

- With that said, I'm sure Lapedis will be making an entrance on Sunday. No one seems to be mourning him... he wasn't shown dying... I think that cranky old captain is still useful to the island.

- Jacob's campfire was the highlight for me. It really made last week's episode click, and highlighted what was important from that episode and what was just there to fill out the story. Jacob's struggle after throwing his brother into the cave and creating the smoke monster was between saving his life and protecting the cave. Jacob has known that the Smoke Monster was plotting to kill him. By steering people to the island he was playing a dangerous game. A game of dark and light. These people brought to the island have been used as game pieces by both sides. Jacob wants to find someone to take over protecting the island, because he knows at some point he will probably lose the game to the Man In Black. The MIB wants to use these game pieces to kill Jacob. As people come to the island, they become a part of this game. They are selected by Jacob because he believes that they will make the right choices after being tempted by the Smoke Monster on the island.

- Jack is "The One". Jacob tells the final four that he wants them to choose who will protect the island so they're not forced into it like his crazy mother forced him. I don't believe, however, that Jacob really believed that anyone else but Jack was worthy of the job. Kate was crossed off the wall because she became a mother. Jacob casually says that it's just a crossed off name on the wall, and if she wants the job it's hers... Is this true, or was he just saying that so it appeared that Jack had a choice? We'll most likely never know the answer to this, but I'd like to believe that this has been Jack's destiny since even before landing on the island.

- If you need someone to assemble your 20th high school reunion, Desmond is the man. He's a brotha with a master plan, and it's coming together perfectly. One by one, the characters off of the island are starting to reach different levels of awareness off their on-island life. Hurley, like Faraday, is now all the way there. He even knows Anna Lucia when he sees her... and asks Desmond if she's coming back too. Nope, she's not ready. She was only needed to get Sayid and Kate back on the team.

- I'm so happy for off-island Ben. How perfect is it that he's now working his way into Alex and Rousseau's life. There's a spark between Ben and Rousseau... and he's the father that Alex never had. This fits amazingly well... and I love how Rousseau said he was coming to dinner even if she had to kidnap him!!!

- The recital sets the stage for the big ending. Everyone will be there - Miles and his dad, Charlotte, Jack with his son and baby momma (Juliette?!?!?!?), Now Desmond and Kate... perhaps the virtuoso pianist Faraday will be there, too... The s*** is going down, and it's going to be good.

Will I be posting a recap on Monday? Probably a few final thoughts... but I'm really looking forward to watching Sunday's finale in a completely different way that I've watched every other episode of Lost until now. I won't be second guessing the actions of the characters, creating new theories in my head or watching the clock to try and guess how many answers I'll get before having to wait until next week. This is it. Everything that happens on Sunday is the final word on this amazing story. To paraphrase Daniel Faraday: Whatever happens, happens.

Enjoy the finale!