Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1,200 pound pumpkin vs car

This is what happens when NASCAR isn't on TV:

5 minutes of people doing awesome things

This page usually focuses on the idiots of the world and the stupid things they do. Here's a video that celebrates some of the more amazing examples of our species:

The Double Rainbow guy of car racing

You'd think this guy just saw a double rainbow all the way... Nope, just a five-car pile-up on the racetrack. And you say race fans don't watch just for the crashes!

**NSFW - The over enthusiastic hillbilly uses colorful language***

Another example of why we're fat

Everyone always wonders why people throughout history were never as fat as we are today. This could be one reason: That small beverage that you never buy used to be considered king-sized. Those kids from the past would have choked and died on a Big Gulp.