Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Oktoberfest!

Tomorrow kicks off the happiest celebration on earth: Oktoberfest! This year's festivities take place in Munich from September 18th through October 3rd. If you can't make it to Germany, at least get yourself to a local Oktoberfest celebration this month. Enjoy some good beer and German food with your friends and try not to fall out of your lederhosen. Ein Prosit!

Fatty-Fat Friday!

Summer's almost over!

Typical day at Walmart

You can't leave your drunk girlfriend in the pickup... that would just be wrong. This is a much more sensible solution, until Lou Anne pukes all over your tater tots.

Choir singer passes out

OK, guess which kid bites it:

Racist Toothpaste

Wasp 1, Man 0