Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Six Flags mocking kids with Progeria?

So, I'm sitting here watching TV and the Six Flags commercial comes on with that creepy dancing old man. I finally thought I was done having those nightmares when they switched over to those racist commercials last year with the Asian dude yelling "More flags more fun!".

Well, not only is the creepy dancing guy back, but now he's joined by "little six". It's a kid who looks just like him. I'm not sure if it's makeup or if they hired a kid suffering from Progeria. Either way, it's just wrong and doesn't make me want to ever set foot in their park in fear of bumping into him.

UPDATE: Here's video of the commercial courtesy of Chelsea in Newburgh

This was considered a freak 100 years ago

This is a photo of Chauncy Morlan, who once made a living as a side show fat man. That's right... a freak. People paid money to look at him, because he was so unusually obese. How lucky are we, as a society, that we can just walk into any Wal-Mart in the country and see this kind of thing for free now? USA! USA! USA!

Minor league mascot falls into the dugout

There but for the grace of God goes Rookie Raccoon.

George Costanza loves the McDLT

The 80's were a crazy time. People wore over sized sports jackets, danced in the streets while killing the environment with ridiculous Styrofoam packaging... and would get pissed off if they were served warm lettuce and tomato on their burgers. And, oh yeah, Seinfeld didn't even exist. Weird, huh?