Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sarah Palin booed at Dancing With The Stars?

Bristol Palin's famous mother visited Dancing With The Stars last night to watch her daughter perform (and get some free publicity). As Sarah Palin was brought out from backstage to sit in the audience for her interview she was apparently booed by the crowd. Since it's live TV, there's not much they could do to cover it up. View for yourself:

*Update - the controversy was addressed the next night, and producers said video shows that people were booing the judges, not Sarah Palin. Of course, you can believe whatever you want.

Epic puppy pee lasts forever

Looks like he's charting the price of Cumulus stock over the past decade...

Bret Michaels Naked

Sorry. This is for Brandi.

Karl Pilkington: An Idiot Abroad

This is for fans of the Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant podcast series. The lovable idiot, Karl Pilkington, now has his own show in the UK called An Idiot Abroad. Here's a highlight reel (fingers crossed that HBO picks this up!)

And an awesome deleted scene:

Katy Perry's Elmo Shirt

The best 2 seconds from this week's Saturday Night Live: