Monday, April 11, 2011

EPIC Beastie Boys video

This is the trailer to Fight For Your Right Revisited. Just try and count the cameo appearances... Will Ferrell, Danny McBride, Jack Black, Seth Rogan, Elija Wood, Susan Saranden, Stanley Tucci, Cloe Sevigne, Rainn Wilson, Jason Schwartzman, Ted Danson, Steve Buscemi, Will Arnett... And this is only the trailer!

**WARNING - strong language NSFW**

Let the trash talking begin

The Sox took the series this weekend... it's going to be a long season.

Fatties celebrate: Dorito Tacos are coming!

Congratulations, Taco Bell... you've got my attention. Currently, Taco Bell is testing tacos with shells made of Doritos. Click the photo for more information and a video. This should push the remaining 30% of us non-obese Americans right over the edge. Thanks.

Chicks with Steve Busceme's Eyes

A few people sent me the link to this Tumblr containing photos of women with their eyes replaced by Steve Busceme's. Not sure why... but click on Taylor Swiftbusceme for the link.

I'm back!

Sorry for the two-week absence. I was on paternity leave. I'm back now.