Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Official Green Lantern trailer

Am I the only one who thinks this looks really good?

Metallica hates children

I don't know what's less "Rock and Roll": Kicking balls into the audience or almost killing your child that you brought to watch you kick balls into the audience.

Bristol Palin and The Situation in a confusing PSA

This is the most confusing PSA for abstinence ever made...

1 - Why is The Situation hitting on what is obviously a grenade?
2 - Bristol Palin is sanctimonious about not having sex until marriage, but she's got a little kid at home and The Situation doesn't.
3 - The Situation just keeps saying the word "situation" for no apparent reason.
4 - It's an abstinence PSA that promotes condom use????
5 - If condoms are so important, why doesn't Bristol take one just in case? It probably would have prevented that little mistake she had a few years ago...

Feel free to add your own questions below after watching... this video will be studied for ages.