Friday, April 9, 2010

Fatty-Fat Friday!

It ain't The Masters... but close enough. Watch out for the water hazard!

Tiger taunted at The Masters

Here's video of the banner that flew over Augusta yesterday while Tiger was teeing up:

A little later, this banner was flying over the course:

Here's what a $1,375 farmville bill gets you

A 12 year old kid has managed to spend $1,375 on Farmville using his mom’s credit card. Zygna, the company that makes Farmville and the other big hit Mafia Wars, deleted his account after receiving a complaint from the mother, but Facebook refuses to return any of the money.

I can only imagine what his farm looks like...

Stupid tourists

A little hint for those of you heading out on one of those Mario Perillo tours this summer... the locals think you're an idiot.