Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yankee has diarrhea

"Going into first and you feel a sudden burst... Diarrhea! Ah, Ah, Diarrhea! Going for a double and you feel it start to bubble... Diarrhea! Ah, Ah, Diarrhea! Going for a triple and your ass starts to ripple... Diarrhea! Ah, Ah, Diarrhea! Sliding into home and you see it start to foam... Diarrhea! Ah, Ah, Diarrhea!"

"Rollin' down the gutter like a piece of bread and butter..." I could go on all day.

Iowa girl makes prom dress out of gum wrappers

Here's video of the story Brandi was talking about this morning:

Acid trip of the day

You'll have to watch the end of this a few times to really appreciate how F'd up it is.

You say trumpet...

...I say beer bong!

Kara is a little b****

An apology letter isn't going to change the fact that you called your Mommy a piece of poo... there's no coming back from that.