Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Caption Contest: Cool Beer Guy

Use the comments section for your caption to this photo of a man clearly enjoying a fine adult beverage.

His tattoo gave him away

This guy's awesome tattoo led to his arrest after witnesses identified him by the large “EASTSIDE” inked in place of his mustache.

According to reports, Anthony Brandon Gonzales, 20, took part in a home invasion of an Elvis impersonator and witnesses were able to see his tattoos though the mask he was wearing.

Gonzales was already in jail on a previous charge, and he’s now charged in connection with the April burglary.

Reporter can't break car window

A news reporter tries to show how easy it is to bust into a car. Unfortunately, it's actually much easier to bust your hand open trying to bust into said car.

16 items they only sell at Wal-Mart in China

#16 - Crocodiles...

Movie makers hate women

Time for a moment of equal opportunity - let's hand the website over for one post to my feminist sisters out there... This "Well-educated Vagina-American", brings up a pretty shocking observation about the film industry: