Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hugh Jackman hurts himself on Oprah

Here's video of that stunt we were talking about yesterday. Huge-Jack-Man decided to take a zipline onto Oprah's set but wound up crashing into a light and cutting his beautiful face. Side note: I kind of love the fact that Australians have an amazing sense of humor. They find a way to laugh at everything... listen to everyone on set laugh at Huge-Jack-Man as he busts his face open!

Nicolas Cage is nuts in real life, too

Nic Cage was outisde a club in Romania when he was caught on camera losing his mind. He was caught yelling "I WILL F***ING DIE IN THE NAME OF HONOR! YOU WILL RESPECT HIM, LIKE YOU RESPECT ME!" and some other nonesense...

Bus driver kills Frosty, loses his job

This bus driver in a Chicago suburb has quit his job after officials saw this video of him running over a snowman in the street.

Guy goes nuts at school board meeting

Here's some crazy video of a man interrupting a school board meeting in Panama City, Fla., spray painting a red “V” on the wall, then shooting at the board members. He fortunately missed and no board members were harmed. The man, Clay Duke, later shot himself. (This video does not contain footage of his suicide)