Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Link Of The Day: Crab Revenge

A British Web site is serving up revenge in an unusual way: by selling pubic lice. Crabrevenge.com claims it does not endorse giving “crabs” to people, and the lice are for “novelty purposes only.” On the other hand, its slogan is: “Make that bitch itch".

There are three packages to choose from:

Green Package – One colony that can lay as many as 30 eggs for about $20.

Blue Package – Three colonies to share with your friends or freeze a batch or two for about $35.

Red Package – A vial of “shampoo resistant F strain crabs” which can take up to two weeks to kill for about $52.


Man washes his hands in urinal by mistake

A Dutch TV show was covering some sort of concert and wound up getting footage that shows how stupid we Americans actually are. Damn, our secret is out!

Fake Yo-Yo expert weasels his way on TV

Meet K-Strass. He claims to be a Yo-Yo expert so he can get on local talk shows. The only problem is... he doesn't know how to Yo-Yo!

Introducing "Liquid Mountaineering"

Basically, these guys walk on water. Take that, Jesus!

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