Friday, June 11, 2010

Fatty-Fat Friday!

The WRRV Cruise-A-Palooza is this weekend! Every year we get one chuckle head that winds up making the party even more awesome than planned. Who will it be this year???

Wax On, F*** Off!

Ralph Macchio stars in this new hard-hitting documentary about the perils of being such a nice guy in Hollywood. If he wanted to become angry and jaded, he should have just paid to see the new Karate Kid movie this weekend.

***NSFW - Strong language!!!***

Lady Gaga is a Mets fan

Gaga took in a Mets game on Thursday afternoon. After getting into this fight with some fans, she retired to a private box. I believe the gentlemen were just pointing out that Lady Gaga forgot to wear pants to the game.

Soccer fail

You'd think someone would notice this and just spell out Nigeria and Germany. Where are the people who are protesting Hallmark when we really need them?

The best of "Cops"

Here's hoping that your weekend doesn't end like any of these people's:

Girl drops the "C" word on TV

**NSFW - bad language, obviously**