Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Daily Show in Rhinebeck

If you didn't catch The Daily Show on Monday night, here's a segment that was recorded in Rhinebeck over the weekend:

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Paul Rudd used to be a Bat Mitzvah DJ (video)

Before he was a big movie star, Paul Rudd used to be a party DJ. Just goes to show that dreams really do come true! Here's some awesome footage of him hard at work just a year or so before he was in Clueless...

Reporter destroys an ice sculpture

Some of you got all upset about the Mets video that was posted the other day, saying that it was fake or staged... I never said it was or wasn't, but it DID air live during the game. (If it IS fake, someone please explain how the guy could have known exactly when the camera was going to be on and how he timed his walk down the concourse so perfectly.)

Not to make the same mistake this time... this video kind of LOOKS fake, but is clearly part of an actual local news show that aired live from the Orange County Fair (the one in CA, not Middletown). Judge it as you will: