Monday, October 4, 2010

Bees on the Pooooorch

Ever since the stories about The Leprechaun and The Linkin Park Rapist have become viral hits, local news has been trying a little too hard to find the next big thing... Although I think this one may have some staying power:

Two-legged pig (Insert your own Kirstie Alley joke here)

Wow, Jersey Shore really IS fake (proof)!

Last year I posted a Funny Or Die clip featuring the cast of the Jersey Shore pretending to "fake" the show. Somehow, the post appeared as one of the very first results for anyone who Googled "Is Jersey Shore Fake". Since then, the comments section started getting some violent responses from fans of the show who didn't have the brain power to understand sarcasm and were pissed because their tanning-spray-polluted brains thought I was really saying the show was fake.(I eventually had to post a disclaimer at the bottom of the page because it was getting out of hand).

Anyway... I take it back. Here's proof that this week's fight was actually staged! (Jenni forgot to take her socks off for take 2).


What your taxes paid for

Ever wonder where all those taxes go? Well, here's a breakdown for someone who earned $34,000 (You can adjust the numbers to your salary to see how much you spent on each item). Don't forget, the Walkway Over The Hudson is considered a National Park... go get your money's worth!