Friday, August 20, 2010

Chatroulette ads for The Last Exorcism are awesome

What better way to promote your movie than to give a bunch of horny guys the ultimate in blue balls...

*Warning - Language NSFW*

Fatty-Fat Friday!

Introducing Burger King NY Pizza Burger: It's four Whopper patties, slices of pepperoni and mozzarella cheese with marinara and Tuscan sauce on a sesame seed bun. Sadly, it's only available at the new BK Bar at 561 Seventh Avenue in New York (Which is only like 5 blocks away from Grand Central, we can be down there by lunch... who's with me?)

Britney Spears' tongue

Britney has been doing something very strange with her tongue since 1998. This video has more than enough proof to back up the claim that Britney's tongue has a mind of it's own. Just try to talk with your tongue sticking out like hers... it can't be done!

Gravity explained by your Facebook friends

If you're going to type out you most idiotic thoughts, you might want to do it over private message instead of posting it on your wall for everyone to see. (Click photo to read the full-sized version).