Thursday, July 29, 2010

Answers to the movie, Inception?

Brandi and I finally saw Inception yesterday (weeks after everyone else in the world). I don't think it was as amazing as everyone else has said, but it was certainly a great movie with lots to think about. I will admit that I saw the ending coming from the very first scene... and was a little disappointed that I wasn't more surprised throughout the film.

For those of you who are still wondering about the ending, the debate rages on. This guy (spoilers) has a pretty good theory about something I noticed throughout the film... but there is certainly a very good argument against what he's saying. (Link full of spoilers)

Finally, check out this quick video about the musical cues in the movie... It'll blow your mind!

The most ridiculous Indian music video ever

This weird, old singer in India has produced the most AWESOME video of all time. A description says that he's Indian Michael Jackson, Erik Estrada, James Bond, David Lee Roth, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and John Travolta all wrapped into one. Worth a view if just for the boomarang gun trick (at 3:29).

Harry Potter: Wasted!

Daniel Radcliff celebrated his 21st birthday this week... and he did it by getting s#!*faced at a local pub. It's safe to say the stuff he was drinking was a bit stronger than butter beer.

Panda accidently gassed to death

Well, this is sad. A giant panda, living in China's Jinan Zoo, died after accidently being gassed with carbon monoxide and chlorine.
The 21-year-old panda, Quan Quan, inhaled gases that were used to clean out a nearby former air raid shelter.

Oopsie! Here's the full article from Time Magazine online