Wednesday, June 15, 2011

W... T... F???

I'm not sure what this is... but it's AWESOME!

The most destructive machine in the world

This machine seriously destroys EVERYTHING!

Foo Fighters tour rider coloring book!

The Foo Fighters are legendary for making strange demands on their tour rider (only green M&M's etc...).  They say it's to weed out venues that don't fully read through the entire document, causing serious problems with sound and staging.  Well, this year, they've created an interactive activity and coloring book for venues to read before preparing for a Foo Fighters concert.

Here are their food demands.  The production section of their rider is also filled with some pretty creative writing as well. Enjoy!

America's Got Porn...

Someone at America's Got Talent has some explaining to do.  If you freeze the promo below you can clearly see that someone has been visiting porn sites at work (specifically youporn).  Dude, clear your cache BEFORE you shoot your monitor!