Monday, November 8, 2010

Miley Cyrus caught drinking a beer

Perhaps it was to help her cope with her parents splitting up (and her mom having an affair with Brett Michaels), but Miley Cyrus was caught in Madrid drinking a beer. The drinking age in Spain is 18 and Miley is currently only 17, but according to local authorities underage drinking isn't a big deal and not usually dealt with by law enforcement. So, what do you think... is this a huge scandal or not?

Awesome beer cooler!

Introducing the Shoot-A-Brew. Yes, it's a real product... and yes, I want one for Christmas!

Wheel Of Fortune WIN!

I'll admit, I don't watch much Wheel. I always thought it was one of those game shows for people too stupid to watch Jeopardy... until I saw this contestant:

Looks like a nice car...

...until you read the description. Nasty.