Friday, December 3, 2010

Flurries on Sunday? Be prepared!

The forecast is calling for possible flurries on Sunday. Time to get into the snow mindframe...

Here's a good question to ponder: When you see everyone falling on a slippery patch of ice on the sidewalk do you go downstairs and put up a sign warning people so they don't get seriously hurt or do you just grab your camera and start filming? Luckily, these folks chose the latter.

Fatty-Fat Friday!

A company that specializes in extremely large panties for obese women has made its largest size yet–a whopper size 74 for 105 inch waistlines. It’s the largest size ever sold! Size XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL fits 8.75 ft. around for women who weigh at least 630 pounds. Link

Kid solves the church's problems

Sometimes the simplest answer really is the best solution:

Auto Tune isn't new... suck it, T-Pain

This old film shows the miracle of electronic singing. The Sonovox was created way back in 1940...