Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fettish of the week: Kangaroo inflation

Yep, this is a real thing:

American Idol spoiler - a mutant will win!

If this Domino's pizza box is accurate, a 6-fingered alien will win this year's competition.

Slash is with Coco!

Slash appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this week sporting an I'm With Coco pin! What a rebel...

Tiger's neighbor ruins the Masters for him

Just as Tiger is hoping to make his big comeback, out comes Raychel Coudriet. Raychel is Tiger's 22-year-old neighbor who has now stepped forward claiming that she and Tiger slept together. They first met when Raychel was 14! She says that they had sex a year ago in his office, right next to his kid's crib. There are some other creepy details including text messages and Ambien sex in this article.

On another note, check out the new Nike commercial that will now be running. The voice is that of Tiger's father asking "What have you learned". Creepy.