Monday, July 12, 2010

Fireworks mishap at the HV Renegades game

Here's video of the fireworks fail at the Hudson Valley Renegades game on Friday night. Forward to 1:50 to see the first problem firework fly through the fence and down the 3rd base line. The real scary one happens at 2:28 when a rocket zooms over the spectators' heads and lands on top of one of the luxury boxes.

The incident is currently under investigation.

Update: Here's video from a much closer point of view

Super Mario Bros. Crossover

This bootleg game lets you play Super Mario Bros. using characters from other classic Nintendo games. I prefer Link from The Legend Of Zelda! (Click photo to play).

Scared kid tries to sing Happy Birthday

This kid is afraid to sing Happy Birthday to Roseanne Barr. He probably thought she would eat him if he didn't do it right. Now? Now? Now?

Alternate Willy Wonka ending

After hearing that damn "Imagination" song a million times on the super-annoying AT&T commercial, I actually now prefer this ending more: