Friday, May 28, 2010

This shake = 68 slices of bacon!

Men's Health magazine is out with their list of the worst beverages in America. Topping the list is the Cold Stone Creamery's PB&C shake. In "Gotta Have It" size it's got 2,010 calories - 10 calories more than the recommended daily allowance for a 125lb woman! That's as many calories as 68 bacon slices. And it has as much sugar as 30 chocolate chip cookies.

Other bad beverages include the DQ MooLatte, Red Lobster Lobsterita and McDonald's Triple Thick Chocolate Shake. To see the whole list, check out this link.

Fatty-Fat Friday: American Idol edition

I don't know what's more disturbing in this video: Mom's unnecessary reaction to Bowersox losing American Idol, or her naked husband lying on the couch telling her "I told ya!". Actually, the whole thing's pretty disturbing. I'm pretty sure that living room smells like dirty socks and Doritos. The only moment of clarity comes at the very end where she proclaims "My whole life is ruined!" No kidding... but I don't think it's because of a TV singing competition.

**NSFW - This classy lady surprisingly drops some bad words at the end**

Ozzy scares people... on purpose.

How does Ozzy Osbourne spend his afternoons? Scaring people at a wax museum, of course. And he's pretty good at it!

**NSFW - Warning: video starts with one bad word and then it's ok**

Bad-ass smoking baby

Don't hate on this 2-year-old kid just because he's sooooo much cooler than you are:

WTF is the deal with this kid? Here's the full article