Saturday, May 29, 2010

Aircheck: Tabernacker Kwiiiire

For those of you who requested audio on our Lame Ass Trivia winner from yesterday:

Friday, May 28, 2010

This shake = 68 slices of bacon!

Men's Health magazine is out with their list of the worst beverages in America. Topping the list is the Cold Stone Creamery's PB&C shake. In "Gotta Have It" size it's got 2,010 calories - 10 calories more than the recommended daily allowance for a 125lb woman! That's as many calories as 68 bacon slices. And it has as much sugar as 30 chocolate chip cookies.

Other bad beverages include the DQ MooLatte, Red Lobster Lobsterita and McDonald's Triple Thick Chocolate Shake. To see the whole list, check out this link.

Fatty-Fat Friday: American Idol edition

I don't know what's more disturbing in this video: Mom's unnecessary reaction to Bowersox losing American Idol, or her naked husband lying on the couch telling her "I told ya!". Actually, the whole thing's pretty disturbing. I'm pretty sure that living room smells like dirty socks and Doritos. The only moment of clarity comes at the very end where she proclaims "My whole life is ruined!" No kidding... but I don't think it's because of a TV singing competition.

**NSFW - This classy lady surprisingly drops some bad words at the end**

Ozzy scares people... on purpose.

How does Ozzy Osbourne spend his afternoons? Scaring people at a wax museum, of course. And he's pretty good at it!

**NSFW - Warning: video starts with one bad word and then it's ok**

Bad-ass smoking baby

Don't hate on this 2-year-old kid just because he's sooooo much cooler than you are:

WTF is the deal with this kid? Here's the full article

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kid rides escalator of death

This kid grabbed onto the outside rail of the escalator and took off 8 feet above the ground at a Turkish mall. Luckily, one of the shopkeepers is a good catch!

TV reporter is ticketed live on the air

If you listen closely, the reporter says that she paid for parking with the money that's still in the news van... Uh, that's why you're getting a ticket, idiot!

Flexible LED screen

Remember the days when a 19" TV weighed 100lbs? I can't wait for the day when I'll be able to wrap my TV around a pencil!

Driving in Dubai is dangerous!

Here's another reason not to go to Dubai (besides possibly running into those witches from Sex And The City on a camel).

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Caption Contest: Cool Beer Guy

Use the comments section for your caption to this photo of a man clearly enjoying a fine adult beverage.

His tattoo gave him away

This guy's awesome tattoo led to his arrest after witnesses identified him by the large “EASTSIDE” inked in place of his mustache.

According to reports, Anthony Brandon Gonzales, 20, took part in a home invasion of an Elvis impersonator and witnesses were able to see his tattoos though the mask he was wearing.

Gonzales was already in jail on a previous charge, and he’s now charged in connection with the April burglary.

Reporter can't break car window

A news reporter tries to show how easy it is to bust into a car. Unfortunately, it's actually much easier to bust your hand open trying to bust into said car.

16 items they only sell at Wal-Mart in China

#16 - Crocodiles...

Movie makers hate women

Time for a moment of equal opportunity - let's hand the website over for one post to my feminist sisters out there... This "Well-educated Vagina-American", brings up a pretty shocking observation about the film industry:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Teen Werewolves

I'm pretty tolerant of people's differences... but I'm finding it hard not to want to stuff these kids in a locker.

Jesse James cries tonight on 20/20

How can you tell that Jesse James isn't sorry and doesn't give a crap about Sandra Bullock? The fact that he keeps dwelling on how he screwed up HIS life (uh, not hers?) oh yeah, and the fake tears. Tune in to ABC tonight for the full interview (recap tomorrow morning on our show).

Oil reaches Louisiana...

It's easy to go about your day and forget that oil is STILL spewing into the Gulf at an alarming rate. It's pretty f'd up... click this link to check out some photos that show what's sure to become MUCH WORSE....

Chris Klein mockes his own stupidity

By now, I'm sure you've seen the horrible Mamma Mia audition tape made by Chris Klein that's been making its way around the internets. Well, Kudos to Chris for embracing his embarrassment, and running to Funny Or Die to create this video making fun of his own lack of talent:

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost: The End

Well, what did you think about the Lost finale? Facebook comments right after the show ranged from "Awesome" to "Rip-off!" It shouldn't be a surprise that a show that's kept everyone guessing would continue to make you scratch your head even after it was over. If you were waiting for a tidy ending that served all of the answers up in a neat little package, you weren't watching the same show I was for the past 6 seasons.

While the nature of the flash sideways storyline is up for interpretation (I'll share what I believe in a minute), what happened on the island actually happened - Even Christian made sure Jack knew that at the end. Yes, they all crashed on the island. Yes, they all lived the experiences on and off the island. And yes, like everyone else, they all eventually died at some point. Boone died back in season 1, Jack died at the end of the show and Hurley died sometime after (maybe another 2,000 years or more). The show was about the human experience... but that's such a huge story to tell. They had to tell it through one man's experience - and that was Jack. When Jack closed his eye the story, for us, ended.

So WHAT happened on the island? Exactly what we saw. Jack and Smoke Monster both thought that Desmond was there for a reason... That he was able to withstand electromagnetic radiation (the heart of the island). Jack thought that if Jacob wanted him there, Desmond must be they key to saving the island from the Smoke Monster. Smokey was betting on the fact that if Desmond turned off the light the island would be destroyed. They were both right. Desmond turned off the light, which started the destruction of the island. Unfortunately for Smoke Monster, the light was also the source of his immortality. Now that there was no light, he was able to die... and die he did.

Why was Richard mortal all of the sudden? That happened before the light was turned off. He became mortal when Jacob's ashes disappeared in the camp fire. When Jacob's power was transferred to Jack, his rules no longer applied.

So Hurley is now immortal? Yes. A whole new story begins with Hurley. The show isn't about that story... the same way it wasn't about whomever was in charge of the island before Jacob and Man in Black's crazy "mother". Hurley will eventually die, like Jacob did. Ben is the new Richard, and will also eventually die one day like Richard eventually does. Details on this story aren't necessary... but fun to think about. (Theory time) Since the Smoke Monster was "dead" before Jack went into the cave of light, it's possible that he re-released the smoke monster, just like Man In Black did when he fell into the cave. I'd like to think that after Jack dies, the monster takes the form of Jack's body and battles good and evil with Hurley on the island for a couple of centuries... but, again, that's a whole other story. (Theory over)

So, now what about the flash sideways storyline? It's up for interpretation, but this is what I believe: They are in a "purgatory" before moving on after being dead. I hate to use the word "purgatory" because that's been a theory of what the island was ever since season 2. But, remember, the island and all of the stories flashed back and forward were real. They weren't in purgatory during the whole series. The producers led us to believe that there was an "alternate" timeline that started after Juliette detonated the bomb. This wasn't true. Just like the flashbacks that wound up really being flash forwards in season 4; What we thought was an alternate timeline was actually another place of consciousness. After dying, the characters all go to this "place" where they need to become aware of what life they lived, and how they died. Once they become aware they can "let go".

This was a brilliant way to end the series. As each character "let go" we got to see their story unfold one last time. What triggered their awareness was the interaction with the other people who made their life important. It's kind of hokey, but the point is that the experiences we have with other people is the most important part of our real life, and what we take with us when we move on. Some were ready to move on... others, even after being aware, needed more time to sort things out. Ben wasn't ready - perhaps he needed more time to sort out his sins... or just wanted to do it with Rousseau a few times first. This is why Faraday's mother didn't want Desmond to make Daniel aware... she finally was able to see him they way she wanted him to be, and wasn't ready to lose him again. She also wasn't ready to forgive herself from ruining his life and then killing him (again).

While all of this is still up for interpretation... there are some things that are just fact. They really did crash, and Jack died in the bamboo after experiencing everything we saw on the show. The plane flying overhead as Jack was dying was carrying Kate, Sawyer and the gang off of the island - it wasn't Oceanic 815 not crashing... to prove the point, we were shown the same sneaker hanging on the bamboo from the beginning of the series, now old and decomposing after years of hanging out in the jungle. And, we're left with the iconic image of the crash site, to show that it all happened and that everyone involved has now moved on to the next part of their story.

So, that's it. Thanks for allowing me to ramble on about the show for the past 6 years. I don't think I'm gonna get hooked on another show like this for a very long time. As always, I'd love to hear your interpretation, so feel free to comment below... I'll see all of ya in another life, Brothas!

PS - If you're one of those people who didn't like the ending... re-watch the last 30 minutes, now knowing that they are all dead (I just did). The sideways timeline is pure genius! Now that we know they are all trying to "let go" there's so many things that now take on an entirely different meaning. Amazing. Time to completely rewatch the whole last season... I guess it's not over after all!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Goodbye, Lost!

In honor of the final episode of Lost this Sunday, we've dedicated all of today's updates to the show. If you're a fan, you'll enjoy the following posts... if not, be happy that it'll all be over this Sunday!

Got a great Lost website or video we didn't add? Drop me a line on Facebook and I'll add it below this post throughout the weekend.

Sarah Silverman takes on Lost creators

Sarah Silverman sits down with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse to discuss the Lost finale (and tour the Sizzle Alert offices)

**Warning - Strong Language**

Print out labels for your Lost party

This website has .PDFs that can turn any product you'd want to serve at your Lost party into a Dharma Initiative brand. Just visit the site, print out the labels and with some scissors and tape you'll be serving Dharma Ketchup in no time!


Jacob visits Jimmy Kimmell as a kid

Dana Carvey's Lost spin-off

This actually makes a little more sense than season 3:

Lost explained by a Celtic

Kevin Garnett, who sounds a lot like Hurley, catches his teammate Glen Davis up on the plot of LOST during the game:

'Lost' audio: Garnett explains the island to 'Big Baby' from The Basketball Jones on Vimeo.

Leaked finale footage

Hurley winds up in a place that's more dangerous for him than the island (No, not a Hometown Buffet):

Lost Recipes

I'm still trying to come up with some Sayid dishes for my Lost party... this website will help out. Why not try a WAAAAAALTed Milkshake, a Julieomelet or maybe some E-Claires.


"I'll Never Be Lost Again"

These Lost fans rap about the end...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Video of "fat" Hooters waitress

Here's video of the waitress from Hooters we were talking about today. She's 5'8" and weighs 132 pounds and she's been put on probation for being "overweight". Her weight looks fine to me... maybe they're using it as an excuse because you can't legally put someone on probation for having an old-looking face (she claims she's 20 - Uhhhh, ok).

Megan Fox topless photo leaked

Megan Fox is pissed off that someone leaked the following topless photo of her on the set of Passion Play, her new movie:

Next time, try to get the lighting a little better, buddy!

Ukranian president attacked by a wreath

The creepy 2012 Olympic mascots

Meet Wenlock and Mandeville. They are the official 2012 mascots for the London Olympics. Not sure what the hell they are, but they don't seem any worse than Whatzzit from the Atlanta games!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Boris and Brandi on the news

We just got a copy of this to post. It's coverage of our free breakfast for Poughkeepsie in honor of WRRV's 15th anniversary.

See how many times you can spot Wild Man John in the background!

Real Ghostbusters at the NY Public Library

The folks from Improv Everywhere create what happens in my brain every time I walk past the NY Public Library:

Lost: Now you're like me

After a weird sidetrack of rainbows, unicorns and light caves last week - I'm happy to say that we're right back on track. Last night proved why Lost is one of the best shows to ever be on television.

- What's up with Jack's neck? Only 2.5 hours left of a show that's been raising questions for 6 years and we still have pieces of the puzzle that no one can even come close to pretending to solve. I'm sure the cut that showed up on the plane, and now the one he woke up with relates to the island in some way... but how?

- The bodies continue to stack up. Zoe, glad to see you go... Widmore, Nooooooo! It wasn't a very smart idea to meet up with Ben so close to the part of the island where Alex was buried. If anyone thinks for a second that Ben is now a bad guy, you haven't been watching all of these years. Did Ben enjoy killing Charles? Abso-freakin-loutely! But I believe Ben knew that Widmore would protect Penny. Ben was able to tune out his feelings and focus his unconditional love for the island. Charles is a better(?) man than Ben. He loves his daughter more than the island. Ben had no choice but to kill him before he revealed his plan to Smoke Monster (a little late though!). I really think that Ben is now just pretending to be on Locke's team while he tries to find out what Charles whispered to him. Obviously, Locke isn't going to tell him the whole truth so he's going to need someone who can read the thoughts of dead people... hmmmm... maybe someone who Ben can contact with a walkie-talkie and ask to go back and check out Charles' dead body.... Now where is he going to find this person... Unfortunately, someone like that must be MILES away...

- Richard, dead? Nahhh. I don't think he can be killed by Smokey. If he could, he would have gotten him way back in the beginning of the season. Also, it would be horrible if a character as big as Richard was snuffed out so quickly and unceremoniously.

- With that said, I'm sure Lapedis will be making an entrance on Sunday. No one seems to be mourning him... he wasn't shown dying... I think that cranky old captain is still useful to the island.

- Jacob's campfire was the highlight for me. It really made last week's episode click, and highlighted what was important from that episode and what was just there to fill out the story. Jacob's struggle after throwing his brother into the cave and creating the smoke monster was between saving his life and protecting the cave. Jacob has known that the Smoke Monster was plotting to kill him. By steering people to the island he was playing a dangerous game. A game of dark and light. These people brought to the island have been used as game pieces by both sides. Jacob wants to find someone to take over protecting the island, because he knows at some point he will probably lose the game to the Man In Black. The MIB wants to use these game pieces to kill Jacob. As people come to the island, they become a part of this game. They are selected by Jacob because he believes that they will make the right choices after being tempted by the Smoke Monster on the island.

- Jack is "The One". Jacob tells the final four that he wants them to choose who will protect the island so they're not forced into it like his crazy mother forced him. I don't believe, however, that Jacob really believed that anyone else but Jack was worthy of the job. Kate was crossed off the wall because she became a mother. Jacob casually says that it's just a crossed off name on the wall, and if she wants the job it's hers... Is this true, or was he just saying that so it appeared that Jack had a choice? We'll most likely never know the answer to this, but I'd like to believe that this has been Jack's destiny since even before landing on the island.

- If you need someone to assemble your 20th high school reunion, Desmond is the man. He's a brotha with a master plan, and it's coming together perfectly. One by one, the characters off of the island are starting to reach different levels of awareness off their on-island life. Hurley, like Faraday, is now all the way there. He even knows Anna Lucia when he sees her... and asks Desmond if she's coming back too. Nope, she's not ready. She was only needed to get Sayid and Kate back on the team.

- I'm so happy for off-island Ben. How perfect is it that he's now working his way into Alex and Rousseau's life. There's a spark between Ben and Rousseau... and he's the father that Alex never had. This fits amazingly well... and I love how Rousseau said he was coming to dinner even if she had to kidnap him!!!

- The recital sets the stage for the big ending. Everyone will be there - Miles and his dad, Charlotte, Jack with his son and baby momma (Juliette?!?!?!?), Now Desmond and Kate... perhaps the virtuoso pianist Faraday will be there, too... The s*** is going down, and it's going to be good.

Will I be posting a recap on Monday? Probably a few final thoughts... but I'm really looking forward to watching Sunday's finale in a completely different way that I've watched every other episode of Lost until now. I won't be second guessing the actions of the characters, creating new theories in my head or watching the clock to try and guess how many answers I'll get before having to wait until next week. This is it. Everything that happens on Sunday is the final word on this amazing story. To paraphrase Daniel Faraday: Whatever happens, happens.

Enjoy the finale!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aircheck: Angry caller upsets Boris

We've been flooded with requests to post the audio from our angry caller this morning. Here's what happened: A woman claimed that Boris was "picking on women" because he was upset that Miss USA was caught pole dancing. The woman began berating Boris over the phone... then, strangely enough, she wanted him to play a song for her.

Boris freaked, because people not paying attention to what's being said on the air and then yelling at him for something he never said is just one of his "triggers" that can set him off... And because Boris is a big fan of pole dancing! Judge for yourself if he was out of line:

Boris is psychic

This is what I sent off to Twitter immediately after watching the Miss USA pageant on Sunday night. Rima Fakih is the 24-year-old beauty queen from Michigan who wound up winning the title. How un-shocked was everyone to see this photo appear on the internet the next day?
Back in 2007, the current Miss USA won a stripper contest for local Detroit radio morning show. Fakih earned some fabulous prizes for the victory -- which included "jewelry, gift cards, adult toys and a stripper pole for home use."And despite the fact that she kept her clothes on during the pole riding, she still managed to walk away with a bra stuffed with dollar bills! There's talk about her giving up her crown over the whole thing. (Via TMZ)

If there's at least one thing we can learn from this whole scandal, it's that you need to be following me on Twitter. Do it.

Justin Bieber gets a tattoo

I don't know why this is news, but everywhere I looked this morning I was bombarded by photos of Justin Bieber getting a tattoo. Maybe it's because he's only 16... or that he decided on getting a very queer looking bird on his upper hip. Upon closer inspection, it looks more like a whale's tale... OK, back to whatever you were doing.

4 minutes of BBC News blunders

Somehow it's so much more satisfying to watch well-mannered British newscasters make mistakes than seeing Ernie Anastos say "Keep F----n that chicken!"

Monday, May 17, 2010

Danica McKellar in Maxim

You may remember her better as Winnie Cooper from "The Wonder Years". She's now a successful mathematician and is letting people know that math can be sexy. I wouldn't mind practicing multiplication with her... Hey-Yo!

Link to more photos

Wedding DJ Fail.

This is one of the reasons why when I tell people what I do for a living, I always make sure they understand that I'm a RADIO DJ... not a wedding DJ.

Horrible news anchor ad-lib

Yes, it's a story about some sort of "G-Shot" that helps women with libido issuses... But the male news anchor could have been SLIGHTLY more classy:


The worst backseat passenger ever:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Illusion of the year winner

This optical illusion won the 6th Annual Illusion Of The Year Contest. It uses not only perspective illusions, but magnets to make the balls appear to be moving up hill.

Check it out:

Great hockey sign!

Dear hockey fans,
We talked this week about how you guys are the outcasts of the sporting world... keep razzing the refs like this and you may climb up a notch (watch out tennis fans!)

Computer geek freaks out over prank

This dude gets way too upset when his World Of Warcraft password gets changed.

Warning - Not safe for work: lots of bad language!
"F-ing Blizzard!!!!!!"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lost: Mommy loved you more

Uh... a magical cave? Crazy skull-crushing momma? Even MORE questions now!?!? Are the producers of Lost trying to kill me?

Let's sort this out as much as possible:

A group of people get shipwrecked on the island. Pregnant lady is separated from the group and found by the woman from The West Wing. After giving birth to twins, the pregnant lady is stoned to death by crazy Allison Janney. One baby is named Jacob, the other... oh well, we just won't name him (?!).

As the twins grow up we know that one is heading towards good and the other, evil. How do we know this? One is wrapped in a white blanket, the other dark. One has blond hair, the other dark. One plays the game using the white rock, the other.... OK, we get it!!! Thanks and let's move on, ummkay?

Mom shows the boys a cave that is full of light. This is the heart of the island, yadda yadda... if the light goes out here it goes out everywhere... blah blah blah.

The unnamed brother is Mom's favorite. She leaves a game for him to play on the beach and says that he's "special" because he has the ability to lie, unlike goody-two-shoes Jacob. Eventually, unnamed brother sees a vision of his real mother and learns what crazy Allison Janey did to her. Why can't Jacob see this vision? Was this really a vision like Hurley is able to see, or was it the Smoke Monster taking the form of his mother?

Unnamed brother moves out to live with the other shipwreck survivors and leaves Crazy with Jacob. Jacob knows he's not her favorite, but now she has no choice but to suck up to him, because he's all she has left. Through the years, Jacob continues to meet with his brother to play their fun rock game and talk about the evil nature of humans (specifically, the humans that no name is now living with).

No name brother learns from the "very intellectual" people he lives with that the island has special properties and figures out that if he attaches a wheel to the bottom of a well and mixes water with the light that somehow he can leave .... uhh, ok. Mom will have none of it, so she smashes his head and kills the rest of the people in his group.

Mom mumbles some nonsense and makes Jacob the new protector of the island. He resists at first, saying that she loved his brother more, but she tells Jacob that she realizes that it was supposed to be him all along.

Unnamed son comes back to pay Mom a visit and kills her. She is killed in the same way Dogan told Sayid how to kill Smoke Monster... and how Smoke Monster told Richard how to kill Jacob. He didn't let her speak first, and stabbed her with "the knife". Before dying, Mom thanks unnamed for, I can only assume, finally letting her rest. Is this a very-special mother's day episode of Lost, or what?

Jacob gets pissed, throws brother into the cave of light and releases the Kraken., er, Smoke Monster. Brother is now dead and is laid to rest in the cave with Mom and a bag of rocks.

YES, WE REMEMBER THE SKELETONS FROM SEASON 1 - No need to insert a clip to drive home the... oh, too late. Gee, thanks. God forbid someone just tuned into the series for the first time tonight, we wouldn't want them to be CONFUSED!

So, now we know that Jacob is alive. However, the Man In Black that he's been spending time with on the island isn't his brother... it's the Smoke Monster who's taken the form of his brother's body that's rotting in the cave. When John Locke's rotting corpse comes to the island, the Smoke Monster abandons the Man In Black's body and takes over Locke's.

I turn off the TV and yell some colorful language before retiring to bed.


First off: WTF.

Second: Was Crazy Mom the protector of the island or was she, in fact, the smoke monster all along? Reasons to believe she was the protector: She transferred the power to Jacob, she didn't want anyone to leave the island, she was able to make sure that the brothers couldn't kill each other (somehow). Reasons to think she was the smoke monster: Her favorite son was the bad one... he was "special" because he could lie. The favorite son was the only one who could see his dead, real mother. Was it crazy mom, as the smoke monster, pretending to be his real mother to lead him where he needed to go in order to eventually take over as the smoke monster? Also, how did Crazy Mom kill everyone in the camp and fill in the well? Seems like something only the Smoke Monster would actually do.

Third: How did the shipwrecked people know that putting a wheel inside the well could make them escape? Did they find some instructions somewhere or did the island "speak to them" somehow?

Fourth: Where's the huge statue and temple? They were all seemingly built centuries before this storyline took place? Was the island "moved" sometime after Jacob arrived and the island went back in time between now and when the black rock appears?

Sadly, I don't think any of these questions will ever be answered... Ugh, I have a really sick feeling in my stomach. If this is how the rest of the show plays out I'm afraid I may be very disappointed. PLEASE let the show make some more sense next week. I'm gonna trust it will.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Link Of The Day: Crab Revenge

A British Web site is serving up revenge in an unusual way: by selling pubic lice. claims it does not endorse giving “crabs” to people, and the lice are for “novelty purposes only.” On the other hand, its slogan is: “Make that bitch itch".

There are three packages to choose from:

Green Package – One colony that can lay as many as 30 eggs for about $20.

Blue Package – Three colonies to share with your friends or freeze a batch or two for about $35.

Red Package – A vial of “shampoo resistant F strain crabs” which can take up to two weeks to kill for about $52.


Man washes his hands in urinal by mistake

A Dutch TV show was covering some sort of concert and wound up getting footage that shows how stupid we Americans actually are. Damn, our secret is out!

Fake Yo-Yo expert weasels his way on TV

Meet K-Strass. He claims to be a Yo-Yo expert so he can get on local talk shows. The only problem is... he doesn't know how to Yo-Yo!

Introducing "Liquid Mountaineering"

Basically, these guys walk on water. Take that, Jesus!

Up next... oops, gotta go!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Rojo Johnson's pitching debut

This week some lucky minor league baseball fans were introduced to Rojo Johnson, who looks alot like Will Ferrell.

Highlights of the 2010 pole dancing championship!

Woo Hoo, indeed. These are some strong ladies... those thighs could crush a small automobile.

Dog takes a turtle ride

Why walk when you've got a turtle to ride?

Mom ruins bad-ass photo

Tip: If you're going to post a cheezy, shirtless photo of yourself on Facebook to impress the ladies - make sure you can't see Mom taking the photo.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Awesomeness: Drunk hick arrested on lawnmower

The only think that could make this video better is if the guy gets tased... What? He does? AWESOME! Now, if he crapped his pants after being arrested that would be someth... YOU"VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! Greatest........Video........Ever.

Fatty-Fat Friday!

This is awkward, but I've seen your penis.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Nirvana baby... now all growed up. Luckily, he keeps it in his pants for this interview.

Senior prank or random awesomeness?

These are actual photos of the University of Utah’s Daily Chronicle. The articles were written and then assembled by the graduating seniors from the university that prints this paper. I think they're sending out some sort of hidden message... what do you guys think?

Guy plays Neil Diamond song on cellphones

This guy fashioned an instrument using a bunch of different apps on various cellphones. If you're truly interested in making this instrument yourself, check out the guy's website where he gives the details on what apps he's used.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Phillies fan tasered on the field

What's more entertaining than seeing a drunk baseball fan run around on the field and make a jackass out of himself? Seeing that same fan shocked with 50000 volts!

Florida Senator surfs for porn during debate

This is video of Florida State Senator Mike Bennett viewing some porn and videos of cute animals on his Senate-issued laptop computer during an abortion debate on the Senate floor.

Justin Bieber hasn't heard of Germany

Seriously, this kid doesn't know what "German" means!

Lost: "It's going to be you, Jack."

And with those last six words of Sayid's life, we're left to assume that Jack is destined to be the new Jacob.

Boom! Two weeks was worth waiting for a jam-packed episode of Lost like last night's. Hell, they went over by 2 minutes (thank God I was watching live and not on my DVR or I would be pissed!) and we didn't even have enough time for a "Previously on Lost" montage.

Off island we follow the story of Jack and Locke. Jack is obsessed with understanding why Locke won't receive surgery to make him walk again. Jack is convinced that Locke is a "candidate". His obsession leads him to Bernard the dentist (who we learn is still married to Rose, even in the parallel universe). Bernard sends Jack to visit Anthony Cooper (The dude who, on the island timeline, was the real Sawyer, a con-man and the reason Locke couldn't walk). in the parallel timeline Anthony is a very different man. He, presumably, didn't have such a dark past and was a good father to Locke. Even with his fear of flying, he agreed to join Locke on his first solo flight which had horrible consequences: Cooper the vegetable.

I sense that Locke is becoming self-aware of the alternate timeline. His body language and reaction to Jin walking down the hallway suggests that he kind of knows what's up. It's getting late in the game to throw around wild theories... but what if Locke off-island isn't Locke at all - but the man in black who was finally able to escape the island? Bum-bum-buuuum!

On-island it's a very different story. Locke is revealed as pure evil. Any doubters out there who thought Jacob was going to turn out to be the bad guy can pretty much pack it in now... Fake Locke has been conning the whole group all of this time and finally pulled his plan together. His goal was to get them all into a confined space and blow them to pieces. When Jack refused to get on the plane, the plan needed to be changed... he counted on them flipping the script - so packing them all on the sub with a time bomb became Plan B. Crazy Claire wasn't necessary to the plan, since she's no longer a candidate now, so her not being on the sub didn't really matter at all.

Jack, now certain of his fate, was the only one who figured out in time what was happening, and how to prevent it. Fake Locke couldn't kill the candidates, but he could use the loophole. So, if Fake Locke set the bomb, it would be most certain that it wouldn't work and they would all survive. However - if the bomb was altered, and it wound up being some idiot (Sawyer) among them that technically set it off, then all bets would be off.

Boom goes the sub - With only 4 hours of storytelling left, it was time to weed out the unnecessary characters and get this storytelling into quick gear. Let's take a moment to mourn the dead:

Sayid - Well, we already said goodbye to him the first time he died... but this time, he was able to atone for his sins. We learn that he didn't kill Desmond and that he now knows that Jack is the "candidate". He pulls a Charlie and makes one final sacrifice for his friends.

Lapedis - Or is he really dead? I'm guessing yes. Dude was lucky to make it this far in the show. We're going to miss him running around, frowning and looking like Gopher from Love Boat.

Sun and Jin - I'll admit, I cried when they died. The tears were for all of those pointless hours of having to sit through their drawn out storyline to wind up finding out that it was completely unnecessary filler. Bah. Call me heartless, but they should have killed them off last season and saved us the torture of "will they meet again or won't they" story lines that went absolutely nowhere.

So now we're left on the beach with the "Final Four". Jack, Hurley and almost dead Sawyer and Kate. Sawyer will most certainly be OK... but Kate took a pretty good gunshot to the chest. Couple that with her being "crossed out" on the cave wall and she's pretty much a goner by the time we wrap up the Kate and Sawyer off-island story.

But wait, let's not forget about Desmond... the group must be on their way to rescue him. Hopefully by the time they get there, off-island Desmond will have gotten all of the Oceanic passengers together to return to the island.

And where are Ben, Miles and Richard? Last we saw them, they were headed to get explosives to blow up the plane. I'm sure they will meet up with Widmore very soon.

And what about Widmore? He tried to protect the candidates from Locke... putting them all in a cage and surrounding them with the smoke-repellent fence. Widmore even told them that he was, believe it or not, protecting them.

And, finally, let's not forget about Rose and Bernard. They're still out in the jungle, aren't they?

Next week's episode is the one I've been waiting for all season. It's rumored to be a full-on flashback with Jacob and The Man in Black. Until then... Namaste!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

White Castle candle

Usually you light a match AFTER eating one of these sliders! If you love the smell of fresh White Castle hamburgers and don't have the time to drive down to New Jersey you're now in luck! In honor of National Cheeseburger Month, White Castle has released a $10 burger-scented candle. Just fire up this bad-boy and your clothes will reek like steamed beef and onions in no time. On a positive note, all proceeds from the sale of the candles go to Autism research.

Fake swimming pool illusion

The Japanese are leading the world in simulated swimming pools. Check out this art installation that allows people to walk inside of a swimming pool. The water is actually only a few inches deep and sandwiched beteween two pieces of glass to make it appear that the people are actually walking around under water.

Would you pay $12 for a cup of coffee?

What if it was some rare Ethiopian coffee that was naturally harvested and brewed by some hipster barrista in Brooklyn that sniffed every mug to make sure it had no impurities? No?

Monday, May 3, 2010

News anchor makes gross sperm reference

This video fell through the cracks last week. It's Rosanna Scotto's big blunder from "Good Day New York". While discussing what to rename soy milk she belts out a most inappropriate suggestion:

Meredith Vieira drops the S-bomb on live TV

While demonstrating how dangerous it is to text and drive, Meredith Vieira plows into an SUV and her last dying words are "Oh S***!"

Obama KILLS at the Correspondents Dinner

Leno bombed at the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday night. Luckily, his lead-in was an up-and-coming commedian known as Barack Obama: