Friday, April 30, 2010

Worst driver of the week

Fatty-Fat Friday!

Don't miss Boris at The Dutch Cabin this Wednesday for our annual WRRV Cinco De Mayo party!

Princess Leia car wash!

As the guy in the video says: This is the greatest car wash of all time!

Chelsea Handler sex tape: confirmed

This week, Chelsea Handler admitted that a sex tape found by Radar Online was, in fact, real. According to the website, the tape is as follows:

During the first part of the tape, Chelsea is fully clothed in her work uniform. She begins by introducing herself by name before going into a stand-up routine before suddenly cutting to Chelsea and her male partner engaging in an explicit sex act. Chelsea, who is on all fours on a bed is naked and at several times during the filming she looks directly at the camera. Her breasts are bare and swinging during the sex act. At the end of the "performance", Chelsea's partner speaks in a clear British accent, asking, "Did we get the (bleep) shot?" Chelsea looks into the camera and smiles at this point. Then the tape immediately cuts back into Chelsea continuing her stand-up routine in her apartment.

Here's Chelsea's take on the video:

Adolf Bieber

HE CAME FIRST for the little girls, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a little girl.

THEN HE CAME for the Tweens, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Tween.

THEN HE CAME for the soccer moms, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a soccer mom.

THEN HE CAME for me and by that time no one was left to speak up.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Boris and Brandi kiss Poughkeepsie's butt

This morning Boris and Brandi were presented with a Mayoral Recognition in honor of WRRV's 15th Anniversary by City of Poughkeepsie Mayor, John C. Tkazyik. Mayor Tkazyik also declared it "WRRV Day" in the City of Poughkeepsie! So, do whatever you want today and tell them WRRV said it was OK!

Do you want WRRV to come to your town, broadcast live and kiss your butt with free breakfast? Have your local officials contact us and we'll be happy to come visit. And thanks for tuning in for 15 great years!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Come Get Free Breakfast on Thursday morning!

Boris and Brandi want to thank the City of Poughkeepsie for honoring WRRV's 15th anniversary. So please join them Thursday morning (4/29) for a special LIVE broadcast.

The Music All Morning duo will be at Lola's Cafe on Washington St. in Poughkeepsie, right under the Walkway Over The Hudson.

Stop by to meet Boris and Brandi and they'll even buy you breakfast! There'll also be prizes to win. It's our way of saying thanks for listening for 15 years.

Click Here for directions to Lola's Cafe!

Saddest video of the week

A squirrel protects his dead comrade from getting eaten by crows. The only thing that can make this video any more heartwrenching is to click this song right before clicking play on the video! Here come the waterworks!

Obama's beautiful singing voice

Our president has the voice of an angel. Is there anything he can't do? (Besides get Congress to agree on anything)

Mascot makes an amazing dunk shot

I wonder how many kids will get paralyzed trying to do this...

Basketball team celebrates a little too soon...

OK, you guys keep jumping up and down while we'll just sink this 3-pointer and win the game.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chaca Chaca Chaca Chaca...

Let's keep this morning's international theme going with my favorite video of the week. A kid who may actually be a little person, clown death and a catchy song - this clip has EVERYTHING!

Memo to David Cameron:

If you're running for Prime Minister, don't make it THIS easy for the press to make you look like an idiot...

Foreign cell phone viral ad

Since we don't have Vodafone here in the USA, we can watch this very cool video without the feeling of being tricked into watching an advertisement.

Jesus makes valedictorian weak in the knees

I don't like to make fun of religious people. They can do it for themselves:

BTW: This was at a graduation in Texas at a public secular college.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Would you pay $5,200 for this seat?

The new Meadowlands Stadium is filled with huge beams that obstruct views from seats people have paid thousands of dollars for. Sure, staring at a huge beam may be better than watching the Jets play... but people are still pissed. Here's the story from the NY Post.

Link of the week: Letters of note

This blog contains a collection of hand-written letters from famous people to their fans. There's some real gems, like this letter from Conan O'Brien to a young fan that asked him to the prom.

Making the KFC Double Down more awesome

The KFC Double Down is sweeping the nation with it's fried-pieces-of-chicken-for-bread goodness. You might not think it could get any better... but add a Krispy Kreme donut and you've got a winner!

Who needs a Kindle?

This is a bookcase designed by David Garcia called ARCHIVE II. "It functions as a nomadic library, where the user can travel with his own books. Once still, it creates a room for meeting and inspiration, generating a special acoustic echo for the reader inside the wheel."

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fatty-Fat Friday!

See you at the WRRV Beach Party this Saturday night at the Mid Hudson Civic Center from 9pm-1am!

Optical illusion with candles

We've all seen that dude that makes sidewalk drawings that look 3D when viewed from a specific angle. Well, here's something like that... WITH FIRE!

Reporter falls into a very deep puddle

Get inside an imploding stadium

Ever wonder what it would be like to be inside a stadium as it was being imploded? A 360 degree camera was set up inside Texas Stadium as the dynamite was being set off last week. You can even control the camera and choose what angle you want to view. Pretty cool!

Click Here to check it out

Life sucks without infomercial products

Here's an awesomely edited video that contains all of the frustrating "before" scenes from infomercials.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The greatest sports moment ever

I'll admit, I don't watch lots of sports... but I can't imagine a better way to score a run.

A Beer ad that could never run in the USA

We're way too politically correct to stand for something like this; an ad that's actually funny and not really offensive in the least.

Why Brandi has never mentioned the volcano's name

A song to help remember how to pronounce Eyjafjallajokull. And... is everyone from Iceland weird like this?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Drunken Deja Vu!

The video below was taken on Friday at the Coachella Music Festival. It's a drunk guy trying to put on his sandal.

Now here's a video we posted on this site back in August of another drunk dude with the same problem. I think the police could save lots of money if they return those expensive breathalyzer machines and just carry around a pair of Birkenstocks in their trunk.

Security camera catches runaway sawblade

This construction worker thought no one "saw" what happened... hahaha.

Russian fairy tale

In Soviet Russia you don't take crap... crap takes you (to the prom)!

Parking FAIL

This woman wins one for everyone who's ever lost a parking spot that was rightfully theirs.

Disclosure: This may or may not be a viral ad for Peugeot.

Lost: Jack Overboard!

Whoa... Jumping right in.

1 - Desmond. Not dead. No way. Claire proved by getting on that boat that people with the "sickness" can be rational and "redeem" themselves. Sayid didn't kill Desmond... the two of them are probably hatching a plan.

2 - Christian was the smoke monster all along. Not a shocker there, but good to hear from Locke's mouth. By the way, I wish they would stop calling him Locke. Strange that we still don't know the smoke monster / man in black's real name. I'm still thinking that his name will wind up being someone that we already know.

3 - Sun and Jin finally reunite. Wish they left that perimeter fence on for a few more seconds. Wow, I guess I really don't like them.

4 - The parallel universe is starting to come together. Is Desmond a master manipulator or what? Or maybe it was just luck that Claire's adoption agency was right next to Ilana's law firm and her appointment was at the exact same time as Christian's will reading?

5 - Jack is dead. WHAT? Well, it's a theory. What if Jack died in the explosion, Locke brought him right back to life and now he's "with him"? The title of the episode was "The Last Recruit". Jack could be the smoke monster's last remaining team member. They made a big deal about Jack getting hit by the missile, complete with ringing ear sound effect. Claire was "saved" by Locke after her house exploded in Dharmaville... it was very similar to what happened to Jack.

So, Jack and Locke are now together, under attack. Desmond and Sayid are most likely getting Cindy, the kids and the other non-essential followers out of there and heading for Hydra island. The rest of the candidates are being held by Widmore... so it begins. The war is on. And next week it's a repeat... Damn.

PS - WRRV listener, Jeremy, informed me about the "Lost Untangled" series of videos produced by ABC. They're posted online after each episode. Not much insight into what's going to happen next, but a good recap for those of you who are completely "lost". Here's this week's:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Six Flags mocking kids with Progeria?

So, I'm sitting here watching TV and the Six Flags commercial comes on with that creepy dancing old man. I finally thought I was done having those nightmares when they switched over to those racist commercials last year with the Asian dude yelling "More flags more fun!".

Well, not only is the creepy dancing guy back, but now he's joined by "little six". It's a kid who looks just like him. I'm not sure if it's makeup or if they hired a kid suffering from Progeria. Either way, it's just wrong and doesn't make me want to ever set foot in their park in fear of bumping into him.

UPDATE: Here's video of the commercial courtesy of Chelsea in Newburgh

This was considered a freak 100 years ago

This is a photo of Chauncy Morlan, who once made a living as a side show fat man. That's right... a freak. People paid money to look at him, because he was so unusually obese. How lucky are we, as a society, that we can just walk into any Wal-Mart in the country and see this kind of thing for free now? USA! USA! USA!

Minor league mascot falls into the dugout

There but for the grace of God goes Rookie Raccoon.

George Costanza loves the McDLT

The 80's were a crazy time. People wore over sized sports jackets, danced in the streets while killing the environment with ridiculous Styrofoam packaging... and would get pissed off if they were served warm lettuce and tomato on their burgers. And, oh yeah, Seinfeld didn't even exist. Weird, huh?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mom overreacts to prank

I'm pretty sure this is an advertisement for Vital Energy Drink... but I'm also pretty certain that mom's reaction is real. No one is that good of an actor!

Mug making is EXCITING!

I came across this video over the weekend. Watch and tell me you don't agree that there's something stimulating about the handle making process.

This is why you buy blinds

I worry about my neighbors peeking in my house and seeing what I do with my afternoons... This guy should be terrified.

Looping Around The House from Si on Vimeo.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fatty-Fat Friday!


Chances are you already received this in your email... Over a dozen different versions were sent to me this week. Thanks, everyone, for thinking of me when you see photos like this.

Canadians are pervs

This is actual footage from a kids' game show that ran in Canada in the 80's. It's one thing when Richard Dawson molests housewives on "Family Feud"... But how in the F did this actually run on the air?

3 reasons why a Hanson video appears below

Why am I posting this brand new Hanson video?

1 - It's a perfectly done shot-for-shot remake of the Ray Charles scene from The Blues Brothers.
2 - Weird Al Yankovic is playing the tambourine.
3 - Hanson is playing The Bamboozle, so suck it.

The only thing that could make this video better is if it was for the song "MMMM Bop"
(Is that REALLY the little drummer kid from Hanson? Damn, I'm old.)

Thinking 'Bout Somethin'

HANSON MySpace Music Videos

Jesus: "Well hung" in more than one way?

A church in Oklahoma is in hot water over this cross that's hanging over the altar:

A local artist created the image, and claims that it's six-pack abs, much like "The Situation", that appears on Jesus' stomach. Some church-goers aren't buying it. They believe it's a huge penis sticking out of Jesus' loin cloth - again, much like "The Situation"... You be the judge.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Charlie Sheen's awesome disguise!

Charlie Sheen decided to add infidelity to his long list of stupid mistakes. Not wanting to get caught, he put on this rediculous disguise... This moustache wouldn't even work on an episode of Undercover Boss!

Robots that do laundry

What a world we live in! If you wash and dry your own evenly-sized hand towels and then lay them out on a green table, a robot can fold them for you in several hours! (It's still pretty freakin' cool, though!!!)

Happy library week!

It's library week. Please go use the library and give those people something to pass the time before heading home to feed their cats other than write passive agressive notes to hang on the walls next to their sad little desks.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Advertisement FAIL

In a recent ad, Verizon claims to provide coverage in more than 220 countries. The only problem is, there are only somewhere between 192 and 195 countries in the world, depending on who you ask. Whoopsie.

Sarah Jessica Parker's beauty secret:

Distract people from your ugly horse face by making your arms even more distusting-looking.

Need a good cry?

This is the best cry I've seen all year:

Britney Spears Photoshopping revealed

This is a before and after Photoshop comparison of Britney Spears' new Candies ad. Try not to be hypnotized by her stomach.

Lost: The whispers are dead people.

Hey, you got some Ilana on ya. No need to recap what happened last night in detail... let's jump right in on some of the details.

1 - The "Whispers" are dead people trapped on the island because of things they've done. Michael is stuck because he killed Libby and the pilot from Avatar. So, is there some huge clue we can find by going back and listening to the whispers over and over again? I doubt it. I think we're just supposed to understand that these people are somehow "trapped" and that's why we hear them from time to time. I assume the cause and reason for the presence of trapped "souls" will be explained deeper in upcoming episodes (I hope). But, if you've got a few dozen hours to spare you can start working on your thesis here.

2 - Love is the answer. God, I hope not - I may barf before the finale ends. In the parallel world, Libby is "crazy" because she is aware of the island timeline. This is the same reason why Charlie is kind of nuts. Once Libby kisses Hurley (gross) he, too, realizes that they are kindred spirits and he's now able to see their on-island life together. It seems that if there was an on-island love, it can trigger memories when those people meet in the parallel world (ie: Faraday/Charlotte). Does this mean that Sawyer and Kate will eventually ignite some memories between them? Will Jack bump into Juliette somewhere? I read somewhere that Ben will eventually get a very out-of-character love interest... hmm. Well, even if not, a near death experience will do.

3 - Desmond's not a pedophile... he's just trying to get everyone back to the real timeline. Looks like ole' Des has given himself the job of gathering everyone from the flight and making them remember the island world. When he's not playing matchmaker... he's serving up near-death experiences (That Locke hit was worth 100 points at least). Wonder what John Locke saw during his near-death experience. Did he see himself as the smoke monster?

4 - So, Hurley is going to wind up being the hero of the story? Who would have seen that one coming? Hurley has been the throwaway character throughout most of the series. Way back, when Michael was working for the Others and was given a list of people to bring to Ben, Hurley was the one sent back to camp because he wasn't special.

5 - What is Hurley's plan? He's got a bag... is it the bag of Jacob's ashes Ilana was holding on to? Will Hurley try to trap the Smoke Monster somehow? Smothering him with his enormous man boobs may be an option too.

6 - What's up with Desmond. He knows why he's there... yet he seems very calm and trusting. Does he know how everything is going to play out or is he still in shock from the big realization of last week? Regardless, you should never go hiking with Locke-Monster in the dark and lean over a deep well. -- An aside: The writers missed a great opportunity here. When Locke-Monster returns to camp Sayid asks "How is Desmond". Locke should have said "He's well" Hahahahahaha...

7 - So, the remaining candidates have now arrived at the smoke monster's camp. As they show up, Hurley is clearly in charge. Jack looks confused, Lapedis is cranky as usual and Sun.... Let's just say I'm so happy that she no longer speaks English because I don't think I could handle hearing her cry and yell for Jin AGAIN. Suck it up, lady. He's on Hydra island with Widmore. You'll see him in the finale.

Again, we end an episode with everyone neatly in place and ready for the next episode. If you saw the preview for next week, you're probably just as confused as I am as to what's going to happen. What Willy Wonka has to do with Lost is beyond me. Maybe those Apollo candy bars are the key...

Your thoughts?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yankee has diarrhea

"Going into first and you feel a sudden burst... Diarrhea! Ah, Ah, Diarrhea! Going for a double and you feel it start to bubble... Diarrhea! Ah, Ah, Diarrhea! Going for a triple and your ass starts to ripple... Diarrhea! Ah, Ah, Diarrhea! Sliding into home and you see it start to foam... Diarrhea! Ah, Ah, Diarrhea!"

"Rollin' down the gutter like a piece of bread and butter..." I could go on all day.

Iowa girl makes prom dress out of gum wrappers

Here's video of the story Brandi was talking about this morning:

Acid trip of the day

You'll have to watch the end of this a few times to really appreciate how F'd up it is.

You say trumpet...

...I say beer bong!

Kara is a little b****

An apology letter isn't going to change the fact that you called your Mommy a piece of poo... there's no coming back from that.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Listener Submission: Jacob may not be gay?

This photo was sent in by Javier R. in Ducthess. It's Taylor Lautner from Twilight taking in some of the sights at a basketball game.

Summer comedy trailers hit the big screen.

This weekend, a couple of new trailers hit the theaters. Check out the trailer for the Paul Rudd/Steve Carell movie "Dinner For Schmucks" coming out this Summer. In my opinion, any movie that features Zack Galifinakis as a mentalist is worthy of checking out!!!

In contrast, this trailer for Will Ferrell and Marky Mark's new movie looks like a stinker. I love Will, but don't think I'll be sitting through this one.

Listener submission: Hidden Message?

Hey Boris, this photo of Snoop Dog was in the Rochester paper. Do you think it was just a coincidence that his head made the word weekend look like "weed"?

Love the show and your website, Dave W.

SNL: Browine Husband

If you missed Saturday Night Live this weekend, Tina Fey was the host. Check out this commercial for Duncan Hines' Browine Husband.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Fatty-Fat Friday!

It ain't The Masters... but close enough. Watch out for the water hazard!

Tiger taunted at The Masters

Here's video of the banner that flew over Augusta yesterday while Tiger was teeing up:

A little later, this banner was flying over the course:

Here's what a $1,375 farmville bill gets you

A 12 year old kid has managed to spend $1,375 on Farmville using his mom’s credit card. Zygna, the company that makes Farmville and the other big hit Mafia Wars, deleted his account after receiving a complaint from the mother, but Facebook refuses to return any of the money.

I can only imagine what his farm looks like...

Stupid tourists

A little hint for those of you heading out on one of those Mario Perillo tours this summer... the locals think you're an idiot.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fettish of the week: Kangaroo inflation

Yep, this is a real thing:

American Idol spoiler - a mutant will win!

If this Domino's pizza box is accurate, a 6-fingered alien will win this year's competition.

Slash is with Coco!

Slash appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this week sporting an I'm With Coco pin! What a rebel...

Tiger's neighbor ruins the Masters for him

Just as Tiger is hoping to make his big comeback, out comes Raychel Coudriet. Raychel is Tiger's 22-year-old neighbor who has now stepped forward claiming that she and Tiger slept together. They first met when Raychel was 14! She says that they had sex a year ago in his office, right next to his kid's crib. There are some other creepy details including text messages and Ambien sex in this article.

On another note, check out the new Nike commercial that will now be running. The voice is that of Tiger's father asking "What have you learned". Creepy.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In-dash iPad

Sweet! (As long as they are using an app and streaming on that iPad.)

The new Susan Boyle

The internet is buzzing about this fat Chinese kid. He's a better Whitney Houston than Whitney Houston. I'm sure he will have a nervous breakdown in the coming months... The song starts at 1:10

Tiger is texting at the Masters

You would have thought Tiger learned his lesson about texting. Here he is while practicing for the Masters. Uh, put the phone down, douche!

Lost: Brotha!

Simply amazing episode last night. I knew a Desmond-centered episode was going to be good... but not this good. There were so many connections; so many things to think about that I only have time to scratch the surface this morning.

First of all, ABC finally got the hint and packed away their "V" countdown this week. In fact, we hardly even got that little ABC logo on the bottom of the screen. Nicely done, fellow internet complainers!

OK, on to the episode. We learned that Widmore was desperately trying to save this island his entire life... even after being banished by Ben. He sacrificed his relationship with his daughter, seeing his grandson and much of his life in order to keep the island safe. He and Ben seem to be on different paths towards the same goal. The scale in Widmore's office, balanced towards the side of "white", proves that he's on Jacob's team.

Desmond is the key to saving the island because of his ability to withstand electromagnetism. While Widmore proves this by putting Desmond between two huge electromagnets, Desmond has one of his flashes... this time, it's to the parallel world! This wasn't just a "flash-sideways"... there was no wooshing sound. We're actually seeing where Desmond's mind is in the present.

First, an interaction with parallel Hurley... then Claire. Then it's off to his "big boss' office" in LA courtesy of limo driver, George Minkowski. If he looks familiar, it's because George was on Widmore's freighter and appeared in the episode where Desmond was searching for his "constant" to stop the time sickness he was experiencing. George wasn't able to find a constant, and died on the freighter from the time sickness.

Surprise: Desmond is Widmore's top man! Here, boy, have a McCutcheon. In a reality where Widmore (or Jacob?) isn't trying to push Desmond towards the island, he actually respects and trusts him. Widmore has a special project for Desmond... The way it was presented was a little confusing... for a minute I thought that Widmore was saying that Charlie was his son, or married to Penny... but after watching again, this is how it went down: Widmore's son (Faraday! - now Daniel Widmore) is a talented classical musician (in the parallel world, Eloise isn't pushing Daniel towards the island... he is allowed to follow his passion of playing piano). For some reason, Driveshaft will be playing along side Daniel in a classic music / alternative rock mash up hosted by Widmore's wife (Eloise!). Desmond's job is to spring Charlie from jail and make sure he gets to the concert.

Charlie reveals that when he almost died on the plane, he had a vision of another life... a life where he was in love with a beautiful blond woman (with an annoying Australian accent, no doubt: "Chaaaaalie!"). Charlie is convinced that Desmond is also living the wrong life, and proves it to him by steering them both into the water. While rescuing Charlie, Desmond gets a sense of Deja Vu when he sees Charlie hold his hand up to the window.... After being put through an MRI (which works on electromagnets) his brain flashes to more images of the life he was supposed to live... with Penny.

Since he was in the only hospital in the world that everyone seems to go to, Jack pops up and seems confused that people from the plane keep bumping into him. Charlie eventually convinces Desmond that he needs to find Penny and figure out what life he is really supposed to be living.

Widmore seems extremely upset with Desmond for losing Charlie... a little too upset. He tells Desmond to give Eloise the bad news himself. Is Charles pushing Desmond again... Is he aware of both time lines? Is this why he sent him on the mission to pick up Charlie in the first place? And is this why he wants him to go talk to Eloise?

At Eloise's party, Desmond is surprised that Eloise took the news of Charlie's disappearance so easily. She has a reputation of being a beeotch, and this is out of character for her. Apparently, she just wants to get Desmond the hell out of there before he starts putting everything together. Too late... Penny Milton's name is called out on the guest list (Milton - a shout out to the author of "Paradise Lost" perhaps?). When Desmond starts asking questions, Eloise steps in and tells Desmond that she knows what he's up to... and that it's too soon - he's not ready yet. Eloise seems to still be a "Time Cop" in the parallel universe. Just like in the real world, Eloise is aware of what is happening, and is trying to make sure Desmond does the right thing.

Finally, Daniel Faraday (Now Daniel Widmore, since his father didn't abandon him and his mother) approaches Desmond and tells him of his strange experience... He saw a beautiful redhead at the museum (Charlotte! We know from Sawyer's episode that she's working in the museum with Dr. Chang!) and knew that he was meant to be with her... that night he wrote down scientific notes that has led him to believe that he set off a nuke and changed his real timeline (In one night he figures out what it took 5 seasons for us to learn?!?!?). He enlists Desmond to help figure out what is happening, and how to fix it! But first, he needs to see Penny... Daniel's half sister. Luckily, she's running at the stadium tonight, here's the address.

Desmond approaches Penny in the same stadium he met Jack back in the real timeline (See ya in another lifetime, Brotha! - That makes total sense now!). After shaking her hand he passes out and joins back up with the real life timeline. Desmond understands what needs to be done now... and is ready to get started!

The Desmond back in the parallel world also wants to get started... he's going to assemble the Oceanic passagers and "show them" something. Will his demonstration be as violent as Charlie's? He's not going to try to almost kill all of them, is he???

Awesome episode... until evil Sayid comes and takes Desmond away. Damn. Lots to re-watch... what did I miss?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

an iPad in a blender

WHY?!?!?! (tears roll down face)

Math teacher pranks class

This prank isn't as cool as that Diane Birch video we posted last week, but it's still pretty cool and took a lot of time to prepare...

Rare footage of WRRV's very own Simon

Who knew Simon was such a graceful dancer?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ben Folds plays Chatroulette at his concerts

A Ben Folds impostor named Merton has been trolling Chartoulette, serenading unsuspecting users and singing about what he sees. Ben decided to take ownership of this great idea, and has now Incorporated it into his concerts. Below is a compilation of the best improv moments from his past few concerts:

**Video is NSFW - some harsh language!

How the Kardashians celebrate Easter

Khloe Kardashian invited the paparazzi to hunt for her Easter eggs this weekend:

What Weird Al has been up to

We were discussing Weird Al Yankovic last week... If you're wondering what he's up to these days you can check out his Twitter. Mostly, he roams the country looking for grammatical errors.

Steve Carell does the weather on UK Television

How they celebrate Easter in Japan

Introducing Peepshi: Sushi made out of marshmallow Peeps.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Fatty-Fat Friday!

Happy Easter!

Martha Stewart puts chicken to sleep

When I saw the title of this video, I thought Martha was actually killing the chicken... It's actually even better. Here she is hypnotizing a chicken. That Martha can do ANYTHING!

Georgia Congressman believes Guam will tip over

When I saw this video yesterday, I was hoping it was an April Fool's prank. Unfortunately, it wasn't. Hank Johnson, a Democrat from Georgia, really thinks that if you put too many people on the island of Guam, it will tip over.

Chelsea Handler takes on Bombshell McGee

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dad makes his son cry...

...Because he tells his son that he's not a "Single Lady"!

Letterman, Colbert mock ABC's "V" during Lost

I made it pretty clear yesterday how upset I was about ABC running that damn "V" countdown during the entire episode of Lost on Tuesday night. It seems like I'm not the only one who was upset. Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof Tweeted: “Yes, people, I saw it too. :34 minutes until I cry myself to sleep.” Below you can see reactions from Letterman and Colbert:

Money saving tip of the week

This creepy shirtless guy has some amazing advice that can save you hundreds of dollars every year on disposable razor cartridges (without buying one of those info-mercial sharpeners). After doing some research, it looks like this may actually work! Gillette stock just plummetted!

Snoop Dogg plays Chartoulette Bingo

George Lopez and Snoop Dogg jump on Chatroulette and play one of my favorite games...

The Jesse James saga continues...

The scandal continues for Jesse James. Add this to the allegations yesterday that he's into dog fighting. This one's not that shocking, though... If you're going to cheat on America's Sweetheart with walking hepatitis that dresses like a Nazi and has a white power tattoo, it only makes sense that you probably have a few Nazi photos yourself.

"If your fingers smell like some tattooed skank, raise your hand"

This music video took weeks to prepare!

Check out this video for Diane Birch's new song "Valentino". The song sounds like it belongs on a Target commercial... but the video is pretty amazing. I can't imagine even planning something like this, let alone pulling it off in one take.

If you want to see how they did it, check out this version of the video where they keep the screen down during rehearsal.