Monday, October 4, 2010

Wow, Jersey Shore really IS fake (proof)!

Last year I posted a Funny Or Die clip featuring the cast of the Jersey Shore pretending to "fake" the show. Somehow, the post appeared as one of the very first results for anyone who Googled "Is Jersey Shore Fake". Since then, the comments section started getting some violent responses from fans of the show who didn't have the brain power to understand sarcasm and were pissed because their tanning-spray-polluted brains thought I was really saying the show was fake.(I eventually had to post a disclaimer at the bottom of the page because it was getting out of hand).

Anyway... I take it back. Here's proof that this week's fight was actually staged! (Jenni forgot to take her socks off for take 2).



  1. That part was obviously edited.

  2. Im still gonna watch....

  3. what what what?!?!? you mean it's NOT REAL?!?!?

    nigga pleez. jersey shore is nut in butt str8^bullshit!

  4. Two things:

    1. Who cares? It's shit anyways.

    2. Posting a video instead of a picture makes the "proof" a little more believable (unless of course you own a video editor).

    Okay... Three things.

    3. Still, who cares?

  5. if you had the ability to put a red circle around her foot then the only proof you showed is that you were on a picture editing program.. so probably edited the picture! =]

  6. Photo doctored. Look at the episode.

  7. its scripted!

  8. They'll pull a "Hills" at the end just wait and see .

  9. THEY ARE FAKE, they are retards, and they all are about up in the lime light

    too bad all the retards love to watch the retards

    I love how they go on late night TV and other shows, and think that the general population is laughing with them, but in fact, we are all laughing at them, at how retarded they are.

    I would like to bet that 5 of them go into rehab within the next 10 years, going to be hilarious to watch these fools grow up, hahahahahahahhaaa

  10. who gives a fuck...u can tell just by watching the show that its scripted it is all fake and retarded!!!..its a damn show, stop worrying about fakes ass lives on tv and concentrate on ur own!!


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