Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stephanie Seymour AND HER SON!

These are photos of Stephanie Seymour and her teenage son. That's right... her son. As Principal Rooney would say, "Soooo, that's how it is in their family"

Oh yeah, and he totally has a boner in the second photo.

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  1. When I see these pics I just go... WTF!!!! wrong with you american people and your double standard! You got the worlds biggest porn industry but go all crazy if Janet Jackson shows a covered nipple on super bowl...
    And now this! OMG! She's hugging and kissing her son and isn't his hand a bit too close to her boob? WTF? She is his MOTHER!!! He laid in her tummy for 9 months and she probably breast fed him as a baby.
    And not that it matters... but he is actually gay!


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