Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Really, KFC? Are you serious?

KFC, you thought it was a good idea to release this commercial? A white guy is in an "awkward situation" at a cricket match because he is completely surrounded by dancing black people? And the only way he can calm them down is by passing out fried chicken? To black people? And when they all quiet down the white dude says "Too easy"? Seriously?

And you released this? To the public? Knowing that people would see it? WTF were you thinking, KFC?

Now, to be fair the ad is from Austrailia. And the black people are fans of the rival West Indies cricket team. Also, there is no stereotype in Austrailia about black people liking fried chicken. So, you see... Austrailians aren't racist at all. Phew... I feel so much better.

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  1. They didn't think they were being racist, but the probem is that they DIDN'T THINK! What international brand is stupid enough to put something out there that is offensive in their biggest market? That's like making a Perrier commercial that runs in the US depicting French people as frogs. Wouldn't bother us, but would piss the hell out of the Frenchies!!!


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