Friday, May 27, 2011

Controversial Glee PSA is ret.. uuuuh, stupid

This Public Service Announcement ran during last night's episode of Glee. It compares saying "retarded" to using the N-word and other racial and sexual slurs. So how do you feel about this? Is the word "retarded" really offensive? Does this PSA go a little too far?

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  1. The commercial bothered me, the message at the end is bullshit and is my main gripe with it -

    "minority racial slurs hurt people".

    It went something like that.

    Now why are only minority slurs bad. Analyzing that sentence leads to the conclusion that its ok to call a white person a cracker, whitey, ghost, white trash etc.

    And the other conclusion from that sentence, is that it is white people who are using those slurs - since white people are not included in the ad as a "targetted" group for slurs. In other words its another ad stating that white people are the ones who oppress and are never victims of racism themselves [which is BS].

    For a white person such as myself, who was raised in a black majority neighborhood...I can say with complete fact that Blacks and hispanics very OFTEN call white people racist names. And very often will get "beat down" for being white, and that still happens today.

    And our tax $ payed for that ad. All in all that ad is ridiculous.


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