Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crazy naked subway guy

This ain't the Naked Cowboy. Some guy (I'm guessing courtesy of Crystal Meth) started yelling racist comments on the 6 train and then stripped down naked. The whole time, an MTA police officer just seemed to watch. Seems to me that this would have been a great time to use a taser. After attacking a woman, the MTA officer, with the help of some bystanders, took the dude down. The unedited video is here, but it's completely not safe for work. An edited version is below.


  1. I know everyone is thinking "Why the hell doesn't that cop do SOMETHING?!" Well, I don't believe MTA cops carry tazers, and using OC Spray on a train is a bad idea, as you have people all around. The guy is obviously unstable, possibly on something, so it's dangerous for the officer to step in alone. His mental state could also render OC ineffective. If he gets disabled, now the psycho has a weapon.

    HOWEVER, the officer should've at least confronted the guy and tried to engage him verbally. The officer could have tried to get the subject in a position where he could use OC. However, when he started lunging at people and grabbing bags, the officer just had to suck it up and stem in.

  2. "I'd take him out." Yeah, sure you would.

  3. Just another typical day on the subway. Yaaaaawn...


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