Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gilbert Gottfried was fired for these tweets

Gilbert Gottfried lost his job as the AFLAC duck yesterday because of the jokes he made about the Japanese Tsunami on Twitter. Were the jokes really that insensitive? Yeah, they were. But you can decide for yourself if they were funny (and if you're going to hell for laughing). Since he removed them from Twitter, you have to go here to read them.


  1. They are distasteful, you have to agree, especially right now when everybody is so sensitive about the topic. And he should know, that people associate him with the brand, so he was not representing just his own opinion!

  2. But what is this notion that someone who works for you represents you to the point that they have no free will or opinions separate from the company they work for?

    He was completely insensitive, but I find it annoying that people will boycott a company because they don't like what a spokesperson says and the only solution is to fire them. We have become a nation of whiny wusses. Pathetic.

  3. funny ...damn funny

  4. Wow- they're just not that funny. Sensetivity is for teenage girls and hippies.


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