Thursday, November 11, 2010

New cigarette warnings may hit packages soon

Federal health officials are considering putting more graphic warnings on packages of cigarettes. Below are a few examples. What do you think? Good idea or too graphic?


  1. Smokers already know that cigarettes cause cancer. And they're old enough to make their own choices--you don't need to put such graphic images on cartons to try and gross them out and scare them into quitting. There are no photos of drunk driving accidents or scarred up livers on bottles of alcohol...

    Keep raising the price of cigs--that'll get them to quit.

  2. um i totally agree with the 1st comment but with these graphic photos young smokers may quit and ppl that want to smoke wont.....its a great idea to put these on cig packs

  3. I'm all for it, if it scares the crap out of the kids and makes them think twice it's worth it.


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