Monday, August 23, 2010

Stop The Mosque music video

It's intolerant and has a catchy beat. I give it a 7.

No, this isn't a song from an upcoming South Park episode, it's a REAL video made by those crazy Mosque protesters. You know, the folks that make us look like a bunch of scared, racist rednecks. Oops, I forgot tone-deaf. Amerukuh... F-yeah!


  1. I had once gotten one of those "dont put muslim holidays on stamps" emails. This was my reply...

    "Ok first of all, these emails are stupid. You cannot blame a religion for the acts its followers committed. Here is why:

    Joseph Stalin (leader of Soviet Union)- Atheist

    Harvey Glatman ("Lonely Hearts Killer")- Jewish

    Ted Bundy (serial killer)- Mormon

    Lee Harvey Oswald (assassinated JFK)- Marxist

    John Wilkes Booth (assassinated Lincoln)- Episcopalian

    Adolf Hitler (leader Nazi Party)- Roman Catholic

    George W. Bush (killed 4300 of your fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters by thinking the way the writer of this email did)- Methodist

    *Stupidity is a disease that has ravaged this country. Please help prevent the spread of Stupidity by washing your hands, coughing into your arm and most importantly,

    keeping your head out of your ass. Thank You.*

  2. let them put the mosque up, then just put an F.B.I. office next to it. Problem solved,thank you.

  3. Wow, that's embarassing to watch.


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