Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lost: Claire wants to axe you something...

This week's update comes a little late because of another busy snow closing morning... here's a cut and paste of some of what I caught last night:

Jack's appendix scar: We know in the island universe it was Juliette who took out Jack's appendix. Now, in the alternate universe we learn that Jack had his appendix out when he was a kid. Was he truly confused about this, and is his memory starting to meld with the on-island reality, or was him forgetting about the operation just a device for us to learn that he got his appendix taken out as a child/

Jack's son: Holy moley, he has a kid! Someone told me that the kid looked like Kate, and that they believe she's the mother. I doubt it. Jack didn't really recognize Kate on the plane when he saw her. You'd think she'd ask how the kid was or something. More likely, he and Sarah got married and then divorced just like in the other reality. Cooler theory: It's Juliette's!

The lighthouse: I was so excited when Jacob asked Hurley to point the dial to 108! You know, 108 is the sum total of all the "numbers". Aha! That must be Kate... pause DVR... who's "Wallace"? He's crossed out anyway... looks like Jacob was just using the lighthouse as a ploy to "push" Jack into doing what he has to do. Jury's still out on whether Jacob is really the good guy here... he seems to be pretty manipulative.

Why does Jack, a successful spinal surgeon, drive a piece of crap?

Jack's son is an accomplished pianist... just like Faraday wanted to be? Probably just a coincidence?

Crazy Claire - love her! You need to be bat s*** crazy to make a baby out of old bones and garbage. Why isn't she surprised Jin can speak English? And we now her "friend" is Smoke Monster Locke... She doesn't introduce him as Locke... does she only see him as the monster?

Ok, that's all I have this morning. More to come this afternoon... Sorry for the truncated thoughts, but snow closings trump my Lost obsession. Please fill in the gaps below in the comments section.

*ADDED 2/25*
I didn't want this buried in the comments section, so I'm adding it to the post. After speculation last week why Kate's name wasn't included on Jacob's list, I'm happy to say that Kate is still a candidate. A few listeners pointed me to this screenshot, that clearly shows Austen listed as #51 on Jacob's lighthouse wheel and her name is not crossed out... She's not one of "the numbers", but she is clearly still a candidate. This could be signicant, or a result of the writers coming up with 6 "numbers" and later deciding not to kill someone off, leaving 7 candidates.


  1. I can't wait for next weeks episode. Love reading the Boris blog to get the latest intel! I don't think it is Juliette who is the mother. They say she died so I highly doubt it.

  2. Confusing for sure, I can't wait to see Jins face when Sawyer appears with Locke (smoke monster) I think Jack's son mother is Sarah too. Kate better watch out for Crazy Clair! I don't think that Sawyer really trusts Locke at all.

  3. In the light house rotating mirror, one of the reflections was the church that Jacob met Sawyer in when Sawyer was a kid.

    Question: Clearly Jack would have had that kid when he got on Oceanic 815 (since he called him from Sydney) so why no mention in 5 Seasons that he has a teenage son at home whom he misses? And why wouldn't he see his son when he left the island? Weird.....

  4. Geoff doesn't get the whole time travel/alternate reality deal, does he?

  5. Forget about David's mother for a sec and go back to the 108. I found out that there was an exporer named Alfred Wallace. Check this out:
    (From wikipedia)
    Wallace effect

    In 1889, Wallace wrote the book Darwinism, which explained and defended natural selection. In it, he proposed the hypothesis that natural selection could drive the reproductive isolation of two varieties by encouraging the development of barriers against hybridization. Thus it might contribute to the development of new species. He suggested the following scenario. When two populations of a species had diverged beyond a certain point, each adapted to particular conditions, hybrid offspring would be less well-adapted than either parent form and, at that point, natural selection will tend to eliminate the hybrids. Furthermore, under such conditions, natural selection would favour the development of barriers to hybridization, as individuals that avoided hybrid matings would tend to have more fit offspring, and thus contribute to the reproductive isolation of the two incipient species. This idea came to be known as the Wallace effect.[80] Wallace had suggested to Darwin that natural selection could play a role in preventing hybridization in private correspondence as early as 1868, but had not worked it out to this level of detail.[81] It continues to be a topic of research in evolutionary biology today, with both computer simulation and empirical results supporting its validity.[82]

    The LOSTies are living in two realities. Isolation of two varieties? Sounds like a connection to me. Plus, he talks about a distinct species change along a geographical line which cuts between Asia and....AUSTRALIA!

  6. I feel like Sarah could not be the mother of David. If she was...wouldn't you think he would have came up in conversation when Jack came back with the "oceanic 6" and was in the hospital and sarah visited?

    Claire sure is crazy now! And, in what lives does Jack know that his sister is Claire? Does he know it's Claire when the people at the temple say "it happened to your sister too"? In his alternate reality does he know Claire when his mom asked about it from the will? And, in the life when he went home with the oceanic six he met Claire's mom at a funeral or whats going on?

  7. I think everyone may be misunderstanding the flash sideways. The way I see it, the alternate reality doesn't start the minute they didn't crash, their lives have already been different in the alternate reality way before they got on the flight. Hurley has a lucky life, Locke is married and on speaking terms with his father, Shannon did t even make it on the plane and Jack has a kid. We also learned that Jack had his appendix out as a kid - we know in the island universe he didn't because Juliette took it out on the beach!

    Their lives didn't change because of the crash, their lives are different because Jacob hasn't been "pushing" them towards the island their whole lives. So, island Jack my never have had a kid because of events Jacob put in motion, possibly knowing that Jack the father would never have gone to the island and done what needs to be done.

  8. Yes, Boris, that is what I was talking about! Simultaneous realities!

    How the hell they're gonna wrap this up nicely is beyond me, especially since they keep creating more questions. If this turns out to end like The Prisoner where the alternate reality is some guy's subconscious, I'll be pissed!

  9. Thank goodness Boris gets it!

  10. Gotta remember: Lost and Fringe are both created by J.J. Abrams. There was a nugget/homage thrown out on a Fringe episode showing an "Oceanic Airlines" boarding pass:

    As a follower of Fringe as well, the huge, underlying theme of the show is that there are two alternate realities/universes. As Boris stated with the "Flash Sideways" we are now seeing the "other side" of the LOSTies (in an alternate reality), perhaps a world without Jacob and/or his influence.

  11. Why hasn't Walt been part of this season so far? After all the hubbub about him in the first two I would've thought he'd make a splash by now.

  12. To add on a bit to what Boris said, the alternate reality where the plane didn't crash. Everything changed in 1977 when the bomb went off. This changed the course of all of their lives, this is why they all still exist but there are changes to their life. It could be because Jacob did not have the ability to touch each of their lives.

    Walt may not even exist in the alternate world, because he was born after 1977. So the bomb may have created the future where he was never born.

    There may be a slight connection between Fringe and this show. But I think you are looking into that too much.

  13. just to be silly...and because I love both LOST and FRINGE...maybe it's Walter from Fringe coming to the Island on Lost....hey, 2 alternate universes and time travel? WHY NOT series travel???

  14. What I'm mostly concerned about is that in the off the island universe, Claire has decided to keep her baby. I'm not sure which season (maybe 1st or 2nd) it happened in, but Claire consulted a psychic who told her that she needed to give the baby up, otherwise it would turn evil or something like that. I don't exactly remember what he said, but it was a bad idea for her to keep the kid. Anyone else remember what the psychic told her?

  15. To comment on what Crystal said, several of the cast members were likely not born until after 1977, (Boone, Shannon, Claire,Kate, etc) so it would probably make sense that Walt is alive.

    I can't see how they are going to address everything that occured on the show, like Walt's, Hugo and Miles' abilities, and the Island's healing properties, but we shall see!

  16. I have a bad memory, but didn't Claire give birth in the alternative universe (near beginning of this season)? If yes, why does she still look pregnant and never have her baby with her when she sees Jack for the will later in the season?


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