Monday, January 4, 2010

Dick Clark screws up the 2010 countdown

I've talked about this on the air before, but now here's more proof that Dick Clark is an ass. Yes, it's sad that he had a stroke and I'm deeply impressed at his amazing career and his contributons to the world of broadcasting. However... what kind of narcissistic ego-maniac decides that he's soooo important that people want to hear him grunting through the New Year's Eve countdown like Frankenstein's monster each year? Listen, I'm in broadcasting and if I have a stroke that impairs my speech I'm not going to subject radio listeners to that every morning. No one wants to hear that more than we want to watch the elephant man deliver the news. Yeah, it sucks... but that's the way broadcasting works. If a sportscaster goes blind, he's not gonna call play-by-play anymore! It's not like Dick Clark is imparting some great knowledge or insight that only he can deliver... he's counting down freakin' numbers! I think Ryan Seacrest or some other boob can handle that without screwing it up like Dick did this year. Seriously, Dick Clark, just because you own the production company doesn't mean you can sit there and ruin New Year's for us losers who sit at home and watch the stupid ball drop every year. Screw you. Take your millions of dollars and retire. If you need to remain in the spotlight go on Twitter or find some other way to contribute.


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